Can I Make a Living Playing Blackjack? Will I Get Rich?

Blackjack is a game that you will definitely enjoy. Whether it is for money or just for fun only, you need to know those tips in playing blackjack that will definitely help you to take home the win. Learning more about the game is an edge for you over the other players.

However, there are also some blackjack secrets that might interest you. These secrets will also be your weapon in hitting the table. So, before you sit down and take your seat at the blackjack table, just take some glance over here and better try to do some of those tips.

Blackjack Secrets that You Want to be Revealed

1. The House Advantage in Blackjack has the smallest value

The monthly reports of all casinos reveal that they still maintain the 15-20% bets from blackjack players. This simply means that it is a nice house advantage for blackjack, which is supposedly a 1% game edge. Most of the gambling experts say that players should have to less likely to make mistakes while playing. Also, as one of the blackjack secrets, keep an eye most of the time to the basic rules in playing at the table. Remember, each blackjack game varies with their rules.

And that is one of the big mistakes that most blackjack players commit. Even if, players read lots of advice in playing blackjack, or memorize the blackjack charts, one sure thing that they only need is just getting lots of practice. Practising the game of blackjack helps to improve the skills that a player must have to play the game.

Moreover, just keep in mind that there are lots of mistakes that a player commits. Some may not even recall just the basic rules. Others become a little bit disturbed in playing. There are few that keep on socialising with others or flirting with the blackjack dealer. No matter what it is, players will still commit mistakes most likely when their mind is not focused on the game.

Moreover, if you want to experience a good house edge, choose a table with the right payout ratio. A game that has a 3:2 ratio is better to play with. So, you should go after those. However, a 6:5 table game is not advisable to play with.

2. The Chances of Winnings Only Alters with the Cards

The chances alter along with the cards without being shuffled. This is most likely due to the alteration of the position of the cards not being played. Moreover, this would also mean that the appearance of cards with maximum values in the first part of the shuffle decreases the opportunity of having a new card with also a maximum value to the succeeding rounds.

In fact, this blackjack secret that is true. However, the number of players who comes in and out of the game also contributes to those chances. In other words, the more players in the game, the card distribution is very wide.

This is contrary to the case if the game is just between you and the dealer alone. You have the higher chance to get the cards with maximum value. However, in this case, the dealer decreases the advantage. This is because he just holds on until the time you get the win, lose, or just stay on your hand before playing his turn.

However, if a new player is added to the game, your probabilities to have a maximum value card automatically decreases by about 30%. Moreover, another 25% reduction in your probabilities if the players in the table increase to three. As the number of players increases, the achievement of cards with maximum values becomes infrequent.

On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that the game would only be between you and the dealer. Just the way of guessing your chances provides knowledge on the way the game operates.

3. Shuffling of Cards is not an Issue

Actually, this issue does not receive much attention from players. But, you must know this blackjack secret of shuffling of cards depends on the number of decks being utilized in the game. Lower decks use manual shuffling using the bare hands. While for the higher decks, a shuffling machine is used.

However, you it is better not play for the table that utilizes shuffling machine. Its because the machine just let the dealer run several rounds in each hour. And the more game cycle to play, the more it takes for the casino to make more money.
That’s why manual shuffling is an idea table game to play with. In this game, you have the chance to make your money lasts for more rounds.

Moreover, if you are a skilled player, your chance to take home the win is high. However, if you anticipate losing just a small amount, that little loss stacks up quicker at a game that uses a shuffling machine.

4. Similar Games are Manipulated by All Dealers

For some instances, dealer of the game also commits a mistake. And in some cases, for apparent reasons, they deceive during the game. That’s why most casinos always keep an eye to the dealer. And because of this, the dealer does not always gamble similar game.

As a player, you are looking after a reliable dealer who is lacking a little bit of experience. And you may be glad to know that most casinos assign one new dealer on a monthly basis. That’s why you notice unfamiliar faces if you are a frequent player.

However, you should take advantage of those new dealers as they are still on the learning process of the job. Having on in this stage, they are close enough to commit mistakes. But, you should not always depend on this opportunity.

On the contrary, there are dealers who take their job seriously and doing very well. More often than not, these dealers always win the game depending on those chances of winning.

5. Go Over for Dealer’s Assistance

As an amateur player, the best thing to do is to go over the dealer’s support in the event you are in doubt. You don’t need to worry about it because there are policies imposed by the casino about the interaction of the dealers and the players. However, players mistakenly conclude that the dealer plays the game similar to the way the player does. You should know by now that there is a different playing rule for the dealer from the players.

Moreover, if you don’t know the policies, the dealer can discuss it to you. They are the one who knows the rule of the game. In contrast, you should not ask for assistance from the dealer when it’s about your playing strategy or decision. Cheating seems so hard for the dealer as there are cameras over the casino that show everything that happened on the floor.

Furthermore, there is the dealer that is not so good at playing the game. In case you are not familiar with the game’s basic strategy, well, don’t think that the dealer knows it. This is another blackjack secret that you must know. It is better to toss a coin. Doing that, you have a 50% possibility of having a decision that may not work out. Well, that’s acceptable for amateur players who are still in the process of knowing blackjack.

Lastly, the main job of the dealer is to produce money for the benefit of the casino and to create money for his/her living. In short, the dealer is just there to give you entertainment. He/she is not there to be friend with you.

Blackjack Tips to Help You Win the Game

Every blackjack player wants to go home holding lots of money in their hands. If you want to have a successful game, then better read some of these tips for playing blackjack that might help you during the game.

Blackjack Tip #1: Know the Basic Strategy of Blackjack

Don’t assume that you can take home the win if you do not have any knowledge of the basic strategy of the game. It is a very simple tip for playing blackjack that is very easy to follow as well. So, better to give yourself time to learn more about this strategy. Equip yourself with the knowledge on how to hit the table.

Blackjack Tip #2: Assert Your Player’s Limit

It is very basic as a player that you should examine the table you will be playing into prior to engaging yourself to the real game. Make sure that you really have an idea about the game that you are playing. Another simple tip for playing blackjack is to take time first on reading the limits of betting. Knowing the lowest possible bet and the highest possible bet that you can make in every round is very helpful to get higher chances of winning.

Blackjack Tip #3: Be Familiar with the Table Policies

Each table has different rules in gaming. One more helpful tip in playing blackjack is to making yourself learn these policies. Try to study the decision that you have to make with every hand.

Blackjack Tip #4: Be Aware of Your Limitations and Gamble Smartly

Next tip in playing blackjack that you might consider is to have an idea on your gambling limitations as a player. Keep in mind that this is a real-money game and you are not playing this just to waste your money. Right? So, better to take it in a smart way.

Knowing your limitation where you are very relaxed with is a great help for you to win the game. Because of this making decision at every hand will become better as you are now secured on the game where you are putting your bet. Moreover, one blackjack tricks to consider is not to play if you really do not feel too. You won’t enjoy the game and probably bust yourself if you are in a bad mood.

Blackjack Tip #5: Have an Advance Assessment of Yourself on What Do You Want to Gamble

The best way for a player to stay longer in the game is to be able to know for the amount that you want to gamble. Better to start placing a small bet in the first round or table. This blackjack trick will urge you to look for another game if the first game won’t work for you.

Also, as a gambler, you have the total control over your money. You also have the options of quitting in the event that you already receive your desired winning. Or, you can quit anytime you do not enjoy the game anymore.

Increasing your bet in an increment amount is acceptable, especially during the time of winnings. But, do not be tempted to place a higher amount of bets most likely in case of your losing moment. This is not a good technique to win your money back.

Protecting Your Chips – A Blackjack Trick

To be able to prevent yourself from running out of chips, here are two of the blackjack tricks that you might consider to stay longer in the game:

1. Don’t go for insurance. This is only advisable if there are more players in the game and there is no chance of having 10’s.

2. Don’t surrender. The best time to use it is during the time of having a value of 15 versus the value of 10. Or, when you get a value of 16 over the values of 9, values of 10 or over an ace.

Blackjack Tip #6: Take the Opportunity to Use the Promotions in Moderation

The casino’s purpose of having you in is to add up money to their pot. Also, to take time spent on other special promotions that they cater. Basically, casinos promotions are very enticing and eventually, they are good. But, the thing is to make use of them moderately.

There are freebies offered by various casinos. But, these are in substitute for being an avid player of their table games. You will also be receiving free meals, room accommodations, discount coupons, or even a chance to make a free bet while you play.

Moreover, the drinks that they offer are almost free as well. However, better to avoid drinking lots of alcohol while you play. This will cloud up your mind and be a hassle in your decision making.


Generally, blackjack is a game for you to enjoy. However, if you want to earn money, it is somehow possible. Just follow these blackjack tips that would help you win every game that you play. This way, playing blackjack would definitely aid you to earn a living.

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