21 Gambling Tips to Bust the Blackjack Dealers and Win $$$

Blackjack is the most manageable and accessible game worldwide. A variety of rules are present in this game which most people do not know. But, knowing what you are doing is what separates a winner from a loser. As a beginner or a new player with little experience with this game, you need to have a little knowledge about it to roll over the game. Here are useful tips for playing blackjack that might help you win at the table.

The house edge of this table game is the lowest among the player of all games. Even players that do not make a good choice has an advantage over the house as low as 3 percent. More so, people that are knowledgeable in this game experience an advantage of about 1 percent. Edge of the house can also get by a player at some even places. But this may not be substantial and may not take for so long. However, for those who want to achieve the goal few hours or few days may be enough.

For players who apprehend a few clear and simple rules, blackjack provides relatively better advantages for you. Moving on with the game, you will become familiar with the reasons behind these rules and it will become very clear. Here, we have some information and blackjack tips to help you find how novice can win this game of odds.

21 Gambling Hints for Betting in Blackjack

1. Wager the basic strategy

Here is a simple blackjack tip based on one of the gambling experts. If you want to kick the game and win at the table, we’ll better to take a closer look at it.

  • The worst blackjack hand is a pair of 8s with the totals of 16. In most cases, this Basic Strategy will help you decide to take a stand. So, better split them.
  • On the other hand, a good hand to risk it is a pair of cards with a value of 10 that have a total of 20.

If you are just a newbie with this one, to boost your odds against the house better to focus to the Basic Strategy.

According to table game professional John Marchell,

It is a must to master the correct approach to make a hit, take a stand, a split and even double down your hand. This way you will definitely get a decrease from 1 to 2 percent down to 0.5 percent house edge.

Another blackjack secret that might help you is purchasing a basic strategy card. This way you don’t need to memorize all these tricks.

2. Essential Blackjack Tips and Blackjack Tricks

The very basic rules of Blackjack is to move down to understand when to do the splitting, the double down, buying insurance, and even the time to make a hit. Based on statistics, you increase the advantages on your side if you just follow all the tips and strategies.

3. Don’t bet for insurance

Betting for insurance is useless and only take effect if you count your cards. Generally, in case the dealer gets a blackjack, an insurance bet is a one new bet that has a money with it which is also a new one. With insurance bet, the house has almost 6 percent advantage over the player.

Also with insurance bet, you will win the original bet even if you get the blackjack. Moreover, if the dealer gets a blackjack same as you do, it is called a push. Because of this, there will no winner or loser.

4. Analyze the dealer’s up card

Before you make any action, it is better to analyze or find out the dealers up card. You need to see if it is bad, whether 2 up to 6 or good, such as 7 through Ace. What makes all the difference on the player’s action depends on everything that the dealer has.

5. The first base seat is not the right playing place 

One of the experts’ recommendations to win blackjack probability is avoiding the first base position in the event the dealer is hurrying. This is because securing that place is an opportunity for the dealer to observe the up card.

6. Begin with a minimum

To measure the situation about the dealer’s streaks you have to begin in a low amount. A high or even a low dealer’s streaks both make a big impact on the player. It is one of the blackjack tricks to don’t go exciting on every corner if you or a new dealer just arrived at the table. Remember, the game always continue to go on.

7. Don’t purchase into gambler’s fictions

Other players’ decision at the table will not affect your fate in this game. What you’ll need to do is just stay calm, smile, and plays the correct game.

8. Don’t get consumed

According to Marchell,

Over the years, a number of surveys reveal that 75 percent of casino players will be winning for some time, but only 4 percent take home the win.

You’ll need to set a boundary for the amount of money you are good to lose without thinking for the amount of money that you have to get if you win. Those casino freebies are not price puffing to your mortgage on a monthly basis. Another blackjack trick that might help is to move on if you’re on a losing streak.

Certainly, blackjack is a play with lots of probability and chances. However, what is more important, is to be calm and know the computation. Keep in mind that it takes patience and the stamina to makes all the differences.  Moreover, admiration for the rules of winning is also what it takes to have it.

Moreover, the short-term and long-term strategies are really the most important. Because of this what follows is a list of essential techniques and blackjack secrets.

Blackjack is also a game of numerical chances. Better consider the following in order to win:

9. Come with yourself ready and all set
10. Learn the rules
11. Apply a good technique
12. Work with your mind over anything
13. Remain cool when the difficulty is along the way

Blackjack’s techniques to beat the game depends on the “Theory of Probability”. This is due to its straight and stringent rules. And because of that, another blackjack secret is that knowing math is a big factor for you to have a great advantage over the game.

Moreover, to make the game easy and smooth sailing, having a little knowledge of statistics is a great tool. Take a look at this situation.  For about 29 percent, the dealer of the game goes bust in any event that you learn that he/she is making a stand over the soft seventeen. By this, making an educated guess is much easier. This is comparable with roulette which is more on a scientific basis and which is more likely to depend on endless hopes that your win is coming.

Still on the loop and really want to learn scientific techniques which you think will help you beat the game? Well, keep on reading and just stay on track.

14. More blackjack tips and strategies for taking over the game

On the scientific side, Blaise Pascal is the brilliant scientist behind the theory of probability in the type of games like this. More so, due to its clear and stringent rules, blackjack is defined as a difficult science that is rooted in this theory. However, not all people in casino like to study this probability from a deeper point of view.

On the other hand, the statistical theory can actually be excitingly fun if you’re a math wizard. Directly speaking, the probability of getting a win in Blackjack is about 42%. And you have a 0.99% probability of getting six hands in one row. Furthermore, the blackjack probability in a six-deck receptacle is 5% bit lower.

Achieving successful wins over this game doesn’t needs an intelligent mind. The best thing to do is to to know the fundamental rules for you to turn all the advantages on your sides.

Theory of Probability

Additionally, the discipline of counting cards is also taken into consideration. However, technically speaking, your possibility of winning is a little bit higher by a fraction of a percent by studying it. Thus, a general rule of thumb is to do not do it in hope of marked improvement. Not unless if you are a professional. However, it’s a good thing if you are playing this only for fun.

Furthermore, the probability has two classifications when it comes to a very simple and coarse theory. These classifications are the following:

1. Relative

The first probability has a scope of anything that is lower than 50%.

2. Absolute

In absolute probability, it covers all that occurs in greater than 50% most of the time. It is better to depend on odds rooted from mere chances especially if you are going to make an instant decision. Take a look with this example, a hard 18 that shows the likelihood will have you to bust once you choose one more hit.

However, extra caution is needed especially in guessing what card has to turn up. Be mindful of the number of cards present in one pack and their chances of turning up. Turning up is defined as the total number of cards contained in the deck plus the percentage of all of these specific cards.

This means that this is not a great wager. One tip for playing blackjack is to always assume the possible results cautiously. Through this, you may end up hitting the blackjack probability.

15. The Hi-Lo Techniques on Card Calculation

This is another tip for playing blackjack which is a great card calculating system. As an old-school process, this system of counting works by the use of the Hi-Lo technique in implementing this calculating system. The cards with values as 10s, face cards, and aces have a real value of -1. Moreover, the +1 value cards are those which are low valued such as 2 up to 6. Meanwhile, the cards with 7, 8, and 9 is equivalent to 0.

To sum up all the cards showing up in the game is your primary goal. The running count is defined as the total of all the cards turning up in this game. For example, you have the K, A, 2, 7, J, 9, 3, 5, K as the cards dealt. For this one, you count: -1 -1+1+0-1+0+1+1-1= -1. Therefore, the running count in this sequence is -1.

On the other hand, what we call the “True Count” is also calculated. In this case, you need to break down the running count by the value of cards in the decks. As simple as that, but, of course, you must be very attentive. An important tip for playing blackjack is to be able to count well and fast.

However, one glitch is on the way. The card calculating strategies do not work in an online game. Thus, it is not anymore useful in case the dealer shuffles the decks after each turn.

Other Tips to Consider in Playing Blackjack

17. Only get into the blackjack table after being mentally set and ready.

Only sit at the table when you have everything you need to beat the game.

18. Assume you don’t have to deal a single hand.

Always keep in mind that playing the game of cards is just all for fun as well as for the money.

19. Be attentive.

Better to stand up and leave if you are not able to focus your mind on the game.

20. Never consume alcohol when you are playing.

21. Do not rush and don’t take outside tension to play too fast.

This is very much advisable whether if you are playing at home or in a casino.

Remember that your thinking and mentality is your primary reaction over those gaming situations that you don’t have any control of. Better to change the kind of thinking and mentality, and you will definitely move your odds more favorable on your side. Because of this, you will go home a blackjack winner.

Moreover, the chances of hitting the win is definitely high. All you need is trying to consider these blackjack tips that would help you win the game at the table. Also, with these simple tips for playing blackjack, you would be able to play and win like a pro.


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