Worried to Put Money at Stake? Play Free Blackjack Now!

There are casino players who want to play blackjack online but do not want to put their money at stake. Or there are amateur players who are not yet familiar with the game but really has an urge to play. Well, this is issues that are very easy to address. One thing that you must have to do is to play blackjack for fun.

You don’t need to worry, playing blackjack online for fun does not need any downloading process for you to play the game. As the internet world is all around the globe today, various sites offer numbers of free blackjack games for fun. If you want to know more about it, then stay here and we will give you all the appropriate details about it.

What is free blackjack games for fun

Free blackjack games for fun is like playing games over the web for free. You do not need to pay anything when you do the downloading or accessing the game. However, the chance of getting money for every win does not apply as well.

When you play blackjack for fun you should not target earning something. Purely enough, engaging yourself to a free blackjack game for fun is mainly entertainment. Simply because it is just only for FUN.

Blackjack for Fun Objectives

Just like the regular blackjack game or other blackjack variations, the main purpose of playing this game is primary to win over the dealer and not to compete or to overhead other players at the table. In this game, there is nothing more important but your own hand score over the score of your sole opponent – the dealer. And the blackjack dealer is the human representation of the entire casino. Which means that every player in the table is competing to win over the dealer or the casino itself.

Moreover, if the dealer wins, the casino wins as well. It is not really the dealer who gets your money from you, it is the casino where you play into. And this is the feature of blackjack that makes it a unique game over the other games at the casino.

In blackjack, you should not focus on achieving a high score. What you really need is knowing the best blackjack strategy to rule out the game. And that is simply to prevent yourself in losing from the dealer.

The difference of blackjack online for fun and blackjack online for money

Basically, there is no difference between playing blackjack online for fun and blackjack online for money. It’s just that in playing blackjack for real money you have to place your bet and at the same time you will win back real money.

However, both blackjack games have the same policies and use the same software. They also generate the same algorithm and operate the same random number generator.

Moreover, your fate in playing free blackjack for fun doesn’t mean that it would be exactly the same when you play blackjack for money. Yes, the same odds are implemented but, still, your winnings mainly depends on your strategy and decision in playing the game.

That’s mainly the reason why playing blackjack for fun is very recommendable to take before risking your money at stake. Better to start first at a low or at least no cost games before engaging to a high budget maintaining games.

Why play blackjack for fun

The number one reason why players go for playing free blackjack for fun is to test their skills in playing the real game having the same settings of the game for a real-money. This is a great stepping stone for amateur players. Also, it gives benefits to those experienced blackjack players.

1.  Try various blackjack varieties

Since there are lots of blackjack game selection, players have the opportunity to engage themselves into various blackjack games. This also allows players to be used to blackjack game. With these free blackjack games, players can also have the chance to attempt different games before placing on their bet on a real-money game.

2. Able to play blackjack at any place and time

Compare to real life casino, free blackjack can be accessed anytime and anywhere in the globe you are. With just a simple use of your smartphone or desktop computer and a reliable internet connection, you can play blackjack for fun as long as you want. Versions of blackjack variations in an online version are constantly updating so you will not get lost.

You will also experience no hassle since most of the free blackjack games require a no download process. It is also safe for your computer software and mobile device because of the no download requirement. Because of it, you are very secure that you receive no spams in accessing the game.

3. Practice to have a good play

By playing blackjack free games for fun players will have time to practice their gambling skills. Also, they’ll be able to acquire new strategies and technique. Familiarizing the game by playing free blackjack is a bright idea.

One advantage of this is getting know the game more without being stress with the other players. Given the chance to play free blackjack for fun also provides player unlimited access to lots of practice games. This way players may definitely improve his gambling skills through lots of practice. Also, playing free blackjack is a brilliant pass time habit.

4. Getting ready to play for real money

Free blackjack games have the same rules, objectives, and functions with the blackjack game for real money. The difference is that no money is at stake for placing a bet. Engaging in free blackjack game players may also improve their skills in handling and managing their bets. This is a great step to enhance and boost your skills before you dig in into a real money game.

How to play blackjack for fun

Very simple actions are required to operate or make free blackjack for fun work. You just have to press the game of your choice. Eventually, it will navigate you to another section where you will play the particular blackjack game.

Moreover, in free blackjack for fun, the next thing you must do is to click the digital chips. The number of clicks depends on the amount that you want to bet. After that, select the ‘deal’ button to let you peek your hand. Then from here, you have to decide whether you would select to ‘Stand’, ‘Hit’ or making a ‘Double’.

Important decisions in a blackjack game

As a blackjack player, you must get yourself familiar with the decisions that you have to make during the game. The basic blackjack decision involves:

  • Hit – this is the action requesting an extra card from the dealer
  • Stand – this means that you do not want to get an additional card and that you are satisfied with the total value of your original cards

There are also other decisions involve in this game. However, these decisions are just kind or type of making a ‘Hit’.

  • Double down – this means that you increase your original bet to two times higher. With this decision, you will receive one additional card.
  • Split – you are only allowed to do this if you receive two cards with the same value. Example, you receive two aces. In this case, you can place for a second bet. More so, you are also permitted to play hands of two rather than one. You have the chance to win both hands or lose both of them. Also, you can win one hand and lose the other one. Those cards will become totally different after you split them.
  • Surrender – if you do not feel good with your hands you have the option to drop out. But only half of the bet will be lost. The remaining half will be forwarded back to you. This decision is good especially when you feel that there is no possibility for you to win.

Going back to the basic, blackjack works by having two cards initially. You have to get the total value of the cards in your hand. The sum of those should be equivalent to 21 points or at least closer to that score.

As a player, you have the option to decide on your next move for the game. You are capable to a request for an extra card to add up to your card score. Automatically you win if your points at hand are greater than the score points of the dealer in his hand or your points is closer to 21 compared to the dealer.

On the other hand, you lose the game automatically if you have more than 21 points at hand. And the same goes with the dealer.

Your decision is your strategy in playing the game. And it always depends on not just with the cards in your hand but also with a card of the dealer facing up.

Card shuffling in free blackjack games for fun

The shuffling of cards in playing blackjack for fun depends depends depends on the number of decks being utilized. Like for example, in one-deck or 2-decks card, they use the manual shuffling. Whereas in multiple decks, most casinos use a shuffling machine.

However, card shuffling is not generally a major issue in a blackjack game. But, be aware that this process may have an impact on the result of the game.

Types of free blackjack games for fun

Blackjack is very popular whether on a real casino setting or on an online platform. Moreover, blackjack comes in various types that you can play for free. Also, there are blackjack varieties that you can play for fun. This comes with no download requirement.

Variety of blackjack games for fun

Atlantic City Blackjack

This Blackjack variety uses 8-decks. Usually, it works when the dealer is dealing a card facing up and another card facing down. Hand options allowable for this game are the late surrender and the making insurance.

Bonus Blackjack

As the name implies, this game offers extra bonuses in the event the players get a particular hand.

Double Exposure

In this game, you have the chance to sneak peek at both cards of the dealer. With this action, you have a greater possibility to win money in case you are playing just for fun.

European Blackjack

Generally, two-decks are used for this game. It works by having a player with dual cards facing up. Moreover, the dealer in this game receives a single card facing up. Another more card facing down will get by the dealer at the end of the decision of the player.

Spanish Blackjack

The difference of playing this blackjack variety is that it works by removing the cards having the value of 10.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack

Generally, this is mostly played in almost all the real casinos in Las Vegas.

Vegas Strip

This is one of the well-known types of the blackjack game. The good thing with this is that it doesn’t require downloading. It utilizes 4-decks and allows to make a double down. Usually, this is done after separation of aces. The dealer in this game has the opportunity to peek at the card which is facing down.

Other online blackjack games for fun are:

  1. 21+3 Blackjack
  2. 21 Duel Blackjack
  3. American Blackjack
  4. Blackjack Surrender
  5. Blackjack Switch
  6. Buster Blackjack
  7. Classic Blackjack
  8. Double Deck Blackjack
  9. Hi-lo 13 Blackjack
  10. High Streak
  11. Lucky Ladies
  12. Lucky Lucky Blackjack
  13. Match the Dealer Blackjack
  14. Perfect Pairs
  15. Player’s Choice Blackjack
  16. Pontoon
  17. Progressive Blackjack
  18. Super Fun 21
  19. Suit ‘Em Up
  20. Zappit Blackjack

Playing Blackjack for fun is typically a practice game to improve your skills in playing this game. Moreover, your chances of winning also get high when you become familiar with this game. Playing blackjack is not as complicated as you think.

In fact, you will experience additional enjoyment when you are already equipped with the knowledge and even the hocus-pocus of the game. Once you feel that you are already good with this game and more prepared to win real monetary value, you can simply download and access any online blackjack website games. But, for now, just sit, relax, and enjoy playing free blackjack game for FUN.

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