Wants to Play for Online Blackjack? Here are the Two of the Best Live Dealer Sites!

With the enormous growth of technology, internet connections and streaming quality career better today. Through that, the quality of live gaming via the internet has been set to another level. One of this is the live dealer blackjack which offers elegant settings.

However, many players still have number of questions about this live gaming and the way this live blackjack works. If you are looking for a true casino and live blackjack experience then better to read this first to explore all that you should know before playing.

Things to Consider Before Playing Live Casino Blackjack

Live blackjack dealer gives the the opportunity to the players to experience a real casino ambiance in the comfort of their home. Well, if you want to experience this, here are the things that should know about playing it live online.

Putting on Bets

This online blackjack live dealer usually begins at the time the players select the amount of bet that they want to put at the table. The live gaming also allows them to make bets and choose the appropriate amount of the digital chips. These chips also have a designated area at the table.

Making the Deal

The next step after players put on their bets, the blackjack dealer will handle the cards among every player. After making the first deal, the blackjack dealer will confirm for the decision of all the players. At this time, the players may decide whether they will go for a standing, hitting, separation of cards or even making down a double.

Those who decide to make a hit, separate cards or doing down a double, the blackjack dealer will handle the remaining cards of the players. Depending on the outcome of the game, the outcome would be that you are receiving your payment for the win or they will get back the digital chips from you. After the round, a new cycle for the new game will about to begin.


Most online casinos have this feature of chatting among the online players and the blackjack dealer all throughout the game. A text box is present at the corner of the website screen as their room for exchanging messages. The messages are submitted to the blackjack dealer. As a result, the blackjack dealer will get back to them and respond back.

Moreover, other casinos let the players to have a conversation with each other during the game at the table. However, they implement stringent policies regarding the chat features of online blackjack live dealer. The reason behind this is there are people who tried to use this chatting option as an opportunity to say bad words to other players. Making these actions, the player who acts like this can be banned, or worse, be suspended from the online blackjack live dealer.

Further, other casinos with live dealer blackjack avoid this type of stress by not offering the chat feature. Thus, some players seem this to be boring. In this case, you only get to watch the live dealer and game action instead of being able to interact with them as well.

What is Live Dealer Blackjack

The live dealer blackjack seems to imitate the real casino ambiance. Playing this kind of blackjack game you can see the blackjack dealer lively dealing with you on a live screen. Unlike other online game, this is not a game that is already saved on the web. The real-time card shuffle and card dealing are done by the blackjack dealer are actually seen right in front of your screen.

Features of Live Dealer Blackjack:

  • The environment and the background sound system is similar to the real-life casino.
  • A live experienced dealer
  • Operates on the same exact time as you have.
  • With chatting options and live videos.

Operation of Online Blackjack Dealer

Online blackjack live dealer is like a real game of blackjack that also has a casino feel. You just simply need to press the button below the blackjack game that you want to play and it automatically diverts you into the world of blackjack. You can take a seat right after downloading the game.

The blackjack dealer is there in front of your live screen to assists you in the entire game. The cards that would be dealt will be taken out from the shoe by the blackjack dealer for you until the end of the live online game. At this time, you can begin to decide if you go for a landing and hitting after putting your first bet on the table. If you have more luck on your side, the high amount would be added in your pot of money.

Pros and Cons of Online Blackjack Live Dealer

Even this is played on an online live gaming ambiance advantages and disadvantages in playing can still be encountered. Enumerated below is some of those positive and negative things that you might experience during the live game. Let’s explore them one-by-one.


Dealer interaction
Jolly ambiance
Attractive dealers
Enjoy blackjack games in a real casino environment

Dealer interaction

As mentioned earlier, one of the features offered by live dealer blackjack is the dealer interaction. You can convey your messages to the blackjack dealer while playing. The dealer will then get back to you and tell their response.

This is somehow different in the casino game played face-to-face that let players communicate in actual to the dealer. However, it is somehow a re-enactment of the scenario that you might be experiencing in your mobile phone or computer desk.

Another nice feature is that you take a glance to other players insights. This adds another interactive element and exciting feature that is only available in live dealer blackjack gaming.

Jolly ambiance

Giving players entertainment is the primary goal of most live casinos. Good thing that some dealers do a great job in making a lively environment on the screen by throwing some humors during the game.

Moreover, you can also choose tables that operate with two dealers. The purpose of having this is to have lots of conversations to engage with. Further, it also results like going to a party ambiance. Because of this, it makes live dealer blackjack gaming really enticing.

Attractive dealers

Both men and women blackjack dealers should always bear a good looking appearance when they are dealing in blackjack gaming. The women usually wear low cut evening gowns, while the men are in formal attire. This gives more enjoyment to the players of online blackjack live dealer game.

Enjoy blackjack games in a real casino environment

Literally speaking, you will already define the difference between online live blackjack and land-based blackjack games. But the only thing is that live blackjack dealer gaming brings a real-life casino feel exactly to your computer desk or mobile phone. This usually linked a connection between online life a deal land casino.

Moreover, there are some live casinos that operate in studios that have gaming desks and well-decorated backgrounds. While other live blackjack online operations are actually based inside of the classic brick and mortar. Both environments offer a more brilliant atmosphere that you can enjoy than simply looking at are-programmed graphic designs


No players control
Live blackjack dealer has time constraint

No players control

The live blackjack gaming lets the dealer handle most of the actions even if players have the options for the interaction. Unlike in the pre-programmed online gaming, players have the complete control of their hands. It is because the players are allowed to select the decisions that they have to make. However, in the live dealer blackjack gaming, this option has been eliminated.

Live blackjack dealer has a time constraint

Almost all of the live dealer blackjack casinos implement time limits on placing bets and decision making on the hand. It is because:

  1. Creates a quicker game for gaining a bigger profit on the part of the casinos.
  2. Maintain the movement of the game in a stable environment for action lover players.

An average of 15 seconds time in making hand decisions is allowed. Generally, in most instances, this is acceptable. Since this is a time constraint a digital timer is present to show the time left. But for most, this is not a good thing compared to online games that have unlimited time to decide.

Selecting the appropriate live blackjack variant

There are large numbers of live blackjack dealer variants available over the web. Lots of software companies of casino gaming created their own variants and still developing more. However, be very cautious that they have unique ways to accept the lowest and highest possible bets. And as players should be aware of that when selecting a live blackjack dealer you want to play. Make sure that you go for a game that totally fit your taste of an online game.

How to Play Live Blackjack Dealer

Well, the ambiance is somehow different, but the rules apply is definitely the same. Like the regular blackjack game, it works by playing 52 counts of cards of a single or dual deck And as usual, the players need to win over the dealer and draw near to 21 points. However, there are some rules that you might keep in mind to keep you going on this live blackjack gaming.

Live Blackjack Rules:


Initially, players must put their bet first to begin playing blackjack. Also, remember that the bet you place is in equal value with the bets of other players in the table in the event that you select playing multiple seated games.


Basically, begin with a low possible amount. But, it will always depend on the status of the game that you’re in. Moreover, if you are good at handling large monetary value, then putting bets of a greater amount is your thing.


Comparing again on online gaming, the blackjack dealer in live dealer blackjack can b seen doing actions of the game in your live screen that is exactly different in an online game where the dealers in a digital form.


In your active screen, you will see buttons bearing the words ‘Stand’, ‘Hit’, ‘Double Down’ or ‘Split’. During the decision making, the dealer will get your decision you would like to take. You should only press the button of your desired action.


The next thing that happened after is being gathered is for you to know if you win the game or lose it. It is the job of the blackjack dealer to give the verdict of the game’s winner, loser or even those who made a tie.


Now that you already have all these ideas, are you ready to play blackjack on a live screen? But, don’t get excited yet! We will still give you two of the best live dealer sites that might give an extremely enjoyable blackjack game for you. Read on and see if you might consider one of them as your live gaming site.

Best Live Dealer Blackjack Sites

Spin Palace Casino


Games are protected by Microgaming
Have an available mobile version
Certified by eCogra
Wide range of slot plays
Slot rate payouts of 97%


Welcome bonus is only available on slot games
Inconsistent withdrawal accuracy

This is a live dealer blackjack sites that offer more than 650 games of online casinos. These games are all generated by Microgaming. Spin Palace Casino also provides security to their avid players as this site has a license to operate and is completely regulated by gambling authorities.

In the year 2001, this site is established catering an enjoyable environment to play with. Its operation is round the clock for 24/7 schedule. With this, you can access more games that are present virtually anywhere and anytime.

Out of those 650 games offered, 250 of it are slot varieties of games. The only issue that you may encounter is deciding what games are you going to play. Their offered games range from progressive slots to blackjack. They also have poker, baccarat, roulette, and keno.

You do not need to worry for the time of joining the site. The downloading process, signing of account, and payment of funds do not eat much of your time. It is very fast and easy with the exception of the US.

Moreover, it is also applicable to mobile devices. You can download it via an iOS or an Android device. But, the downside is the live dealer is only compatible in a computer desktop.

Further, the mobile version of Spin Palace Casino has excellent background graphics that allows you to feel the real casino ambiance. Signing-up for this version is not needed anymore if you are already a member of the site. One good thing is that the mobile version also accepts all the payment methods available on the main casino.

Another enticing feature of Spin Palace Casino is its free bonus worth $1,000 when you play their live games. Very generous for a welcome casino bonus. However, it is not that simple to have. Better to carefully read and understand the terms of conditions of the site. Aside from that, you need to deposit some of your money. Also, playing more of their games is a requisite to achieve their great bonus.

Moreover, as part of their recognition to their avid players, they give loyalty programs for them. Every time a player plays a game with the site, they receive loyalty points. This will then good to exchange for casino credits for free.

Betway Casino


Games are protected by Microgaming
Have an available mobile version
Certified by eCogra
Have greater than 500 games available
Offers high payouts


Needed lots of playing as requirement for withdrawals

Way back 2006, Betway Casino starts to give entertainment and client satisfaction. It provides quality and excellent customer service mostly to various nationalities such as UK, Canada, and New Zealand. Unfortunately, US players do not have access to the site.

It has more than 500 games to offer and 400 of it are slot games. With this, you can play various type of games per day. It is also available 24/7. Betway Casino is a licensed and certified site. Games at the site are also generated by Microgaming. Downloading is also quick and simple. It also has the flash version that are instantly downloadable.

You have lots of game options that you can select. They have the European or the American Blackjack. Different roulette varieties are also there for playing such as the European Roulette Gold, American Roulette, and the French Roulette Gold. Baccarat and many more games are available.

Betway Casino also gives a welcome bonus of $1,000. More so, loyalty programs are available to their loyal and avid players. To add up to their features are the additional giveaways, tournaments, and special promos.

Mobile versions of the site are also available. So you can have it in an Android or iOS device. Also, withdrawals and payments can be made via the mobile version.


So now that you have all these ideas, you are all set to log in to any live blackjack site you want to play on. But be keen to analyze the live gaming sites before signing up for one. It is better to be safe more than anything.
Also, just remember the blackjack rules and all the techniques you need to get the game roll over your side. So, have fun and enjoy playing it live!

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