How to Stop Casinos From Tricking You Into Losing in Blackjack

Casinos have one goal: they need to make you lose. The dealers are the pawns they trained to move at the table and get as much wager they can earn. But if you know how to win at blackjack, you can get past their tricks. Even if blackjack is a game of chance, the house can only have as much as 5% edge over the players. The rest depends on the cards and your strategy towards winning.

You can have the upper hand at the table, but it needs practice and some effective strategies. It’s not just the cards that you’re dealing here. You also need to have the prime position at the table. In this case, it would be on the left side of the dealer.

At the end of the day, the dealers just want to take home a large tip and to have a good time playing. It’s the casino owners that needs and wants to get your money. You can stop that by winning at blackjack and besting their pawns through these tips:

Detecting wrong optimism

Dealers are great conversationalists. They are trained to make you feel like the casino is a happy place. When you start getting busts, they will blame it to bad luck and encourage you that it will soon turn around. So you put more money on the table and you lose more than you planned for.

It’s the dealer’s job to keep their players in high spirits for two reasons: to keep them on the table and to keep the tips flowing. As far as the table is concerned, it’s benefiting both the casino and the dealer. Be smart enough and don’t be a victim of this false optimism.

Stop listening to bad advice

Most casinos will have the “book” or the chart of moves a player can make in any given situation. However, dealers won’t even insist you to follow this. Instead, they will give you their personal advice. And since this is way friendlier than reading a chart, a lot of players follow the misleading tip.

Only a few dealers in casinos actually know some complicated blackjack strategies. And even if they’re not the best people to give advice, they will send it to your disposal. And since they hold the cards, you will have a fake sense of trust.

Don’t exploit the free drinks

If you’re playing in an actual casino, you’ll notice that drinks and food are free-flowing. Is this a basic form of pampering? No. The more you drink at the table, the more you get tipsy and incapable of coming up with logical moves. Also, dealers don’t want you to get up and pay full money at the bar. When that happens, you’ll have less money to bet. Walking away from the table also means you’ll have the time to contemplate your gambling ways.

So if you must, never be fooled by the presence of top-dollar alcoholic drinks. You’re there to win and you can only do that if you have a straight and sober head.

No to tip whoring

Have you ever heard the dealer blaming your bust streak for not tipping well? This tip-whoring practice takes more money from you aside from what you actually lost at the table. And if you win big, the dealer also expects that you’re going to share your loot. That’s not how to win at blackjack .

But have you ever thought about it? When the dealer wins, he doesn’t share any of his riches. Although tipping is common practice in blackjack, it should always be done in moderation. You’re not required to pay the dealer for each game since the casino is already paying them.

They are not your friends

Dealers are welcoming and they pretend to be your friends to get your empathy. Once you’re hooked, they will have the upper hand. They will control you to betting more or giving more tips every game. But once you stop tipping, their true colors will show. This isn’t supposed to vilify dealers, but a lot of them do such a thing.

There’s no remorse on the part of the dealer if ever a player gets broke or lose bigtime. The main goal is to make money for the casino and get as much tip as they can. Players winning at blackjack isn’t a favorable scenario for them.

how to win at blackjack 4400

No more side bets

Side bets are sucker bets. On this kind of wager, the house has a staggering edge of 20%. This is a common thing in blackjack but a big no-no if you want to maximize your winnings and profit. A mathematician named Michael Shackleford said he has analyzed hundreds of side bets in blackjack and most of them are total goners.

The worst thing here is that you’re made to think that it’s another money-making gamble. Paired with the casino’s false sense of optimism, you’re bound to be a victim. It’s much better to focus on actual strategies than placing another uncertain wager.

Don’t bite 6-5 blackjack

Most blackjack games in Vegas pay 3 to 2 where your $10 takes $15 as a payout. However, as the gaming world progresses, the 6-5 blackjack emerged. For a $10 wager, you’ll take $12. With this, the house edge increases at 1.4%. This might be a good thing to try but for someone who wants to get the best payout, 3-2 blackjack never grows old.

The common mistake of blackjack players is not asking the dealer about it. Most of the time, it will be indicated at the felt of the table, but if not, you should have the guts to ask.

Insurance is a no-no

When that ace card pops on the dealer’s side, you’ll be offered to place an insurance bet. When the dealer has a blackjack, you get a payout, but if it’s not, you lose. The house edge over an insurance bet is at a sky-high 7.4%. Although it’s an attractive method of winning possible cash, it’s not worth it. You might experience a double whammy if the dealer doesn’t have a blackjack and you have a hand value lower than that of the house.

Insurance is a side bet too together with even-money. It’s poised to help a player recuperate from previous losses and a way on how to win at blackjack. But the fact is that it’s geared to make you lose more.

Play smart

Real money is at stake whenever you deal for a blackjack game. Always play smart and try to be logical with your wagers. Always set a limit before you hit the table. Once you reached the limit, it’s time to call it a day. Never be swayed by what the dealer says that it will soon turn around. Most of the time, players find themselves losing more than gaining back their losses.

In a blackjack table, risk what you can only afford losing. Try this by putting a quarter of your limit on the table. Each time the game doesn’t go well, you’ll re-think of cutting it short.

How to win at blackjack: busting the dealer

Planning to outplay the dealer? Aside from a lower house edge, there are other ways to increase your winnings. Here are some of the tried and tested hacks. Still, take this with caution. Always study the game situation before you play these techniques.

Double down at 11

An 11 hand has a great promise in yielding a blackjack or a win. Doubling your wager allows you to hit one last card by default. Remember, though, that an 11 hand doesn’t always result in a blackjack. Once, I double down at 11 and got a 3 for a total of 14. The dealer got busted and I had two grand in my pocket.

As you see, it’s not always about getting the exact 21 or hitting close to it. Still, doubling down is a risk and there are times that it won’t keep you winning at blackjack.

Don’t split the 10s

If you have a combination of two 10 cards, say two face card, two 10s or a combination of both, never split this up. Yes, splitting gives you another hand to bet but it doesn’t increase your chances of winning the same way as a double 10. With just a notch shy from a blackjack, the only thing that can steal your wager is a blackjack itself. If ever the dealer gets a 20, it’s a push and you lose nothing.

Still, some players split the 10s and hope for the best. It all boils down to your style, but so far, double 10s are always winning.

Increase your bet slowly

Never chase wins no matter how long your winning streak is lasting. Still, to maximize your earnings, increase the wager a bit. It’s not always an option to double down. Put the increase in increments so you won’t lose a whole fortune in one bust.

If your winning streak has ended, start reducing your bet the same way you increased it. This way, it won’t hurt your pocket that bad. That’s how you turn your game around as a way on how to win at blackjack.

how to win at blackjack 4400

Don’t practice at the casino

If you’re not yet confident with your skills, don’t head straight to the casino. A dealer can smell the reek of an inexperienced and vulnerable player. Also, actual casinos won’t let you bring your cheat sheet at the table. But if you stay online, you can have all your resources available in notes and screens, thus increasing your chances of winning.

The moment you sit on a blackjack table, you have no other reference other than your brain. You can’t check notes on how to win your hands while the dealer is drawing cards.

Stop predicting patterns

Even the most experienced gamblers know that there’s no way to beat a casino. There’s no pattern in blackjack and every card is based on chance. Unless the table is rigged, there’s no way you can anticipate what card will come next. There’s only a winning streak and a losing streak. Even with that, there’s no way of knowing when these streaks will happen. Winning at blackjack is a mix of chance and strategy, after all.

The rule of thumb when playing blackjack is to maximize your winning streak and then leave before your fortune is gone.

Choose fewer decks

Your chances of busting the dealer and taking home a fortune start by picking the right table. The fewer the card decks are, the easier it is to apply a formulaic approach. Also, fewer cards mean you have higher chances of winning more.

Remember, though, that card counting is illegal in blackjack. You can take a mental note of how many the cards are roughly but don’t be that guy that literally counts the pieces at the table.

Opt for a lower house edge

A house edge of 5% is a money grabber. Opt for 1%-2.8% to increase your chances of winning. Even with a high payout, a high house edge will only steal more money from you than actually giving you more.

If you choose a house edge of 5%, that means you’ll likely lose $5 per hour on a 60-bet setup. A simple arithmetic will tell you that it’s equal to $300. But if choose a lower edge, say 1%, you’re only bound to lose $1 per bet or a total of $60 in the same number of bets.

The Oscar system

If you want a playing system structured to winning at blackjack, try the Oscar system. Basically, you’ll have to follow the four following rules:

➕Each time you lose, play the same amount

➕Each time you win, increase your bet by one chip

➕If you’re down by one chip, bet a maximum of two chips

➕Pocket your winnings and restart the progression

The Oscar system says you should only play with a capital. Once you have a profit, take it out of the table. This way, your true winnings won’t perish in haphazard betting.

How to win at blackjack is a matter of outsmarting the dealer and knowing the tactics of the casino. Also, you should keep practicing and mastering your playing style to have a solid basis on your betting.

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