Tips that Can Make High Stakes Blackjack into Success

Winning big bucks of money when a player wants to gamble must have to play big time. However, doing this may take you to give such a big risk. But, this may otherwise offer a life-changing profit. One example of a casino game that can give you this enticing experience is the high stakes blackjack. This is a game in the casino wherein a player may get a big profit out of it in case he play wisely.

Moreover, high stakes blackjack gives the greatest profit and it is also the most thrilling game. This game would definitely fit those gamblers that are looking for the highest return of money. But, keep in mind that a player needs a large amount of money in order to play this game.

Basically, high stakes blackjack looks similar from the original blackjack game. The only difference between the two is the high stakes at risk. Playing high stakes blackjack is very similar in playing the original one. The rules are generally similar.

Among other blackjack variants, this blackjack version is an exciting one as it offers exciting promos as well. Below are the reasons why should one play this blackjack game. And in order to guide and give more insights about this casino games, details, information, and everything you need to know will be discussed here.

Reasons to Play High Stakes Blackjack

Blackjack enthusiasts still wants to play the regular blackjack game that needs a low stake due to their small bankroll. But, in case a player has the required bucks of money, better to play high stakes blackjack. Considering to play this game offers various perks to blackjack players.

Advantages of High Stakes Blackjack

1. Get more money

Playing high stakes blackjack is more fun especially when the players have to win high amount of money. In this kind of blackjack game, the higher the player’s bet, the higher the player’s amount of winning.

2. Fun to receive more perks

Players engaging in high stakes blackjack have a higher chance of getting the attention of the casino. Mostly, these players are invited to be a member of the VIP organizations. Thus, they may able to enjoy lots of treats such as points, higher rate of conversion into cash and greater limits of money deposit and withdrawal. Moreover, VIP players may also get exclusive bonuses, exciting offers, various tickets, and many more.

Sometimes, it will come as a free meal, free room accommodations or a free or airfare reimbursement. However, don’t be deceived by those enticing perks. There may come a time that this is not really free. It actually depends on the amount of money that a player may have to lose in the casino.

3. Gives player a thrilling adrenaline rush

In high stakes blackjack, the bigger the amount of money a player puts at stake is always connected with bigger turnover rate. Moreover, producing thousand bucks of money is very much enticing.

Disadvantages of High Stakes Blackjack

Moreover, aside from the various benefits that high stakes blackjack may offer it also has some disadvantages. See below for those things.

1. Lose high amount of money quickly

This disadvantage is so evident in playing high stakes blackjack. For some players they may say that they are running out of luck. But, keep in mind that a blackjack game is very much mathematical dependent. It comes out from a standard deviation.

Moreover, it is really a bad luck in case a player may take out some $10 on a single hand and has to play for 30 hands simultaneously in one blackjack game. In case the player may lose in this game, the amount to lose in all hands is such big bucks for most players. This game is basically based on the more money you take out, the faster you can be eliminated in the game. Further, in high stakes blackjack game, one hand to lose may lead the player to more regrets.

The moment a player tends to lose money is also the time that can be comparable to a regular blackjack game with low limits. Normally, an hour a player spends playing in a high stakes blackjack is equivalent to a higher amount than he may spend over a week or in a month. However, better to start playing with just a minimal amount before trying to put a high amount of money immediately.

2. Getting more of the casino staff’s attention

Playing in a high stake table game just like the high stakes blackjack let the player to get the attention of the casino. With this kind of scenario, card counting would become difficult as it is.

Tips in Playing High Stakes Blackjack

Blackjack is really a famous table game. Due to this, it comes in different variants that all players may enjoy. And one of this is the high stakes blackjack. As discussed, the objects and rules works similarly with that of the regular blackjack game. Below are some tips and insights to be able to improve the playing tactics of the player.

1. Have an idea about the game

Basically, like all other games, it is a must to have an idea of how the game works and what it is all about in the first place. Primary thing that a player must learn is that aside from high stakes blackjack, this game also comes in different variations. They have the same rules but definitely they differ in some ways.

Next is that a player must understand that the card decks usually comes from 1 up to 8. Playing a single card deck may give 0.17% odds of the house. Meanwhile, a player doing an 8 decks of cards may give the house a 0.66% advantage. Lastly, the player must know the blackjack basic strategy prior to playing the high stakes blackjack.

2. Decrease the house advantage

Every player must go after decreasing the advantage of the house, no matter the type of blackjack game a player was engaged into. Incorporating the blackjack strategies, the player may decrease the advantage from around 5% to 0.5%. One possible means of decreasing the house edge is playing in just a single deck.

Moreover, blackjack game has a pay scheme of 3:2. However, some table may give a 1:1 or 6:5 pay out. This would probably increase the advantage of the house while decreasing the player’s advantage. In some casinos, the dealer may either stand or hit in a way that could increase the house advantage.

Furthermore, the re-splitting can also be done. This is usually done in case the player has in hand two cards having similar values, but not aces. However, there are casinos that let the players to split and even re-split cards of aces. Thus, this moves probably decrease the advantage of the house.

There is also the rule in surrender that is also in favor of the player. The player has the opportunity to give the 50% of the bet and do not recognize his hand in case their winning probability is low. Also, be careful in not making an insurance bet. Players may treat these strategies as tips in decreasing the advantage of the house to a minimum possible level.

3. Know the best time to hit

The time to hit can be identified based on the face up card of the dealer and the player’s hand. Better to hit in case the face up card of the dealer has a value of 7 up to 10 or has an ace and at the same time the player’s hand is equivalent to 8 or has a value of 12 up to 16. Make a hit as well, in case the player’s hand is equals to 11 and the dealer’s face up card is equivalent to an ace.

4. Learn the best time to stand

In case the dealer has an on-hand value of 6 or lower and the player’s hand has a sum total of 13 or greater, it is better to make a stand. It is also nice to make a stand in case the player’s hand is equal to 17 or greater than that value and in case the player has two cards of similar 10s that may be able to split.

5. Understand the best time to split

Players should always separate the card with values of 8s and aces. Also, split cards of 6s and 7s in case the face up card of the dealer is equivalent to 6 or lower. It is better to separate cards with values of 2 and 3 in case the face up card value of the dealer is from 4 up to 7. However, card values of 5 must not be separated. In case the face up card of the dealer is 10 or an ace, either do a double down or make a hit.

6. Know when it’s time to double

Usually, double down works in times a player has a hand that is equivalent to card values of 9, 10, or 11. This move offers the player a high probability of hitting the value of 19 or 20 over a card value of 10 or an up card. Always make a double in case the player’s card value is equals to 10 or 11 until the dealer’s card is a 10 or an ace. Player should always do a double in case he has a value of 11. Also, the card value of 9 should always make a double in case the dealer has card value of 3 up to 6.

7. The card counting method

The counting of card is an old school technique that effectively decrease the loss and increase the game profit. This blackjack technique can monitor the cards dealing in the game. The purpose of this is to identify the time the player has the greater chance and the time the deck is already on the side of the dealer.

Moreover, in the long term, the player may able to identify if the deck is already has cards of small or high values. Further, the card counting technique is not an illegal act in blackjack game. However, in case the player is caught doing this, the player may be taken out of the casino.

This strategy do not also apply in an online blackjack game. The reason for this is because of the software for card reshuffling for new hand cycle.

Now that the ideas, tips, and details about high stakes blackjack already take place, it is time to know those casinos that cater this kind of blackjack game.

High Stakes Blackjack Casinos

Among all the variants of blackjack game, high stakes blackjack permit the players to experience a different kind of enticement. The reason for this is due to high amount of bets over a small level of house advantage. This simply means that a player must be able to feel a heart pumping experience.

However, it is better to understand the sufficiency of the bet that can make up the complete round of the game. This is very much critical prior to playing into the high stakes blackjack casinos. Keep in mind that splitting and making a double down at an early stage of the game gives much difference.

Here are information regarding high stakes blackjack casinos that operate in both land-based and online games.

Selecting the appropriate stakes

It is always the choice of each and every player how much they are going to place as their bet. Just like other card games, it is always better to play in a game that a player may accept losing the money. The player must look for an equality in selecting the stakes that maintain the player’s interests and delight. But that should not be of a high amount that become painful in case the money will have to lose.

Basically, the general rule in the management of the player’s bankroll is to make 50 bets at every playing cycle. High stakes blackjack players usually utilize this rule. Moreover, this count of betting will guard the player from making short-term choices.

Truly, blackjack game is really entertaining. It just depends on the amount of money a player is to put at stake. So it can either be an expensive or a cheap one.

High Stakes Blackjack Online

In a land-based blackjack games, they only permits players who have the ability to afford in playing and can give off large amount of bet in the game. However, in an online blackjack game, high stakes blackjack can not be accessed yet unless the player is allowed to access the high stakes games. However, if a player still wants to gamble and won’t able to go in a casino, this is one of the best options.

In high stakes blackjack online, the highest amount of bets range from $50 up to $300. There are other sites that give about $500. Moreover, online gaming sites for high stakes blackjack games cater high amount of deposit of bonus as form of incentives. The player can receive this as a great game start-up.

Generally, in an online casinos, there is a wide selection of games. The games range from the US card games to European Blackjack table games. Moreover, there are lots of blackjack variants available as well. These variants add delight for alterations of game rules, huge side betting or blackjack jackpot games.

In addition, the online live dealer game variation of blackjack become well-known due to the high stakes blackjack online gamblers. This blackjack game variant usually have a higher stake limit of $50 per single hand. And, basically, the player may play up to 6 other player in a game. However, it is impossible to do a card counting. This is because performing card shuffling is very often.

Players of high stakes blackjack casinos over an online site may find it pleasing to get in touch with the host. Aside from that, online casinos also cater big bonuses and access to other games. Furthermore, online high stakes blackjack can now be played to PCs, smartphones and tablets.

Additional Information About Online High Stakes Blackjack

It is always better to register an actual or true money account in a safe and reliable online casino. This applies very true in case a player wants to play online high stakes blackjack. However, the following are the criteria that one must consider in looking for a trustworthy online casino:

  • Online casino license
  • Security
  • Banking method
  • Player Service Support
  • Offer games fairness and equality
  • Software, promos, and bonuses

Meanwhile, here is just a simple summary of the process in playing on an online high stakes blackjack.

  • Sign up for a player account.
  • Deposit the sign-up fee through an applicable deposit method.
  • Start playing the game by placing a bet.

One good thing about playing the online version of the high stakes blackjack game is that a player can play it anywhere. It can even be played at the comfort of the player’s home. But, always keep in mind that prior to jumping into the game, one must need to know the blackjack basic rules.

High Stakes Blackjack is not like that of a progressive blackjack version or a simple card game. This way the dealer won’t be able to make a peek to get a blackjack. In case the player already understand the rules in playing, it is better to play the blackjack game via online for fun and for free. This version is a great step for the players, especially amateur ones, to become familiar with the game.

Moreover, the free mode is one way to practice the game. This may also let the players to perfect the high stakes blackjack techniques without putting their money at stake. From this, when the player already feel great with the game, then, it’s time to go playing for high stakes blackjack in a real casino. Apply the strategies learned in the free mode version to make great choices.

Moreover, it is also good to bet high to get high amount of money. But, always remember that there is always a high chance to lose as well. And, the most important things is to establish a bankroll with greater limit. Make sure that the limit is within the most comfortable level. Also, always remember that never ask someone to lend some money in order to play blackjack.

Other High Stakes Online Games

Online gamblers consider that the nearest way to feel the real-life blackjack experience via online is by playing the live dealer blackjack version. This version operates via live video streaming against a real dealer. Moreover, betting limits for these game type is usually high compare to other regular casino online games. This is basically the reason why high stakes players attract their interests to this game.

Furthermore, the most common variations of blackjack online are the American and European Blackjack. The VIP Blackjack, Single Deck Blackjack, and the Blackjack Tournaments are commonly available.

Experience Playing the High Stakes Games

Always remember that high stakes blackjack and other high limit games is not applicable for everyone who wants to play and gamble. Better to make sure that the money to put at stake is in a comfortable level prior to playing. In case, a player don’t have sufficient bankroll for this game, better play smaller game limits.

In case, a player may go after the live dealer blackjack, better to communicate with host. This would be a best chance to introduce yourself and your stakes. Moreover, this will also provide players a VIP treatment suitable for the money at stakes.


In gambling, the success in winning is not always sure. Players must keep in mind that no matter how they know the game and perfectly practice all the techniques in blackjack, they may lose for some time. These tips and information may help the player to acquire much money. Moreover, this is at a high stakes blackjack tables. With this, it better to familiarize with it for future use.

Moreover, one must not need to be a pro in order to win in this high stakes game. What’s important is that they know the basics and the appropriate timing to incorporate those blackjack strategies. Aside from that better to play just for fun and not only for the money. This way, losing would not be painful anyway.

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