Top 8 FREE Blackjack Trainer Apps to Sharpen Your Gambling Skills

As they say, practice makes perfect. This is especially true when you are playing blackjack. You need consistent practice to master a strategy and a free blackjack trainer to sharpen your skills. Both beginners and old-timers can make use of this tool to keep their gambling chops in check. Otherwise, the dealer will have the upper hand.

Usually, a blackjack strategy trainer can be used to build a solid foundation on the basic strategy. Aside from doing manual practice, you can also resort to this digital tool. It’s easy to find paid and free trainers online. You only have to do your assignment.

Depending on what you want to practice, you can either look for a blackjack basic strategy trainer or a card counting trainer. Again, there are many free platforms online that you can use.

How to utilize a free blackjack trainer

Most of the time, blackjack trainers simulate a game and provide comments on the moves you do for a specific hand. These are programmed to follow a specific strategy, say specific or composition-development. What’s important is you know exactly how to make it work for your advantage.

However, remember that there’s a big difference in using a free blackjack game online and utilizing an actual trainer for practice. The score given to you isn’t based on your winnings but how good your strategy is. There might be two light indicators as well: correct and incorrect.

When practicing on a free blackjack trainer, here are some points to remember:

1. Tweak your play settings

All blackjack strategy trainer applications would have varying settings that the users can adjust. It includes the level of play, rules like double after splitting, number of decks, and the dealer’s stand. Depending on the software, there would be a stopwatch as well. This is very useful for gamblers who need to play a specific number of hands per hour to make a profit.

2. Make a bet

Again, a trainer is the simulation of the game. Even if the bets are free, make sure that you’re making the right wagers. Some applications will also check your betting behavior vis-à-vis your playing strategy to check your chances of winning.

Most free blackjack trainer platforms will give you a certain amount of bets for free. It can range from $200-$500 while others don’t have any limit at all.

3. Know when to surrender, split, double, hit or stand

As you may remember in the basic strategy, we have a succession of moves to follow: surrender, split, double down, and hit or stand. Check if your hand is better off to surrender. If not, check if it can either be split or doubled down.

Don’t be haphazard with choosing your moves. As much as there are free trainers, some gamblers tend to neglect their strategy since they’re not going to lose money. Stick to the strategy and mind the comments of the trainer.

The same goes for hitting and standing. The basic strategy chart dictates specific moves that you should take. If you’ve made an unfavorable move, the trainer will pop a message. This means you have to change your strategy.

4. Always take the comments accordingly

The main reason you’re using a trainer app is that you want a separate entity to evaluate your gambling skill. With that, always click on the comments given to you. Ignoring it is like playing blackjack for fun alone.

There are more basic trainers that will only pop the evaluation right after you play the hand. This is more straightforward, especially for beginner players who are trying to memorize the basic strategy by heart.

Why do you have to use a trainer?

Sure thing, you can perform basic practice drills using a deck of card and pen and paper. But during the times when manual practice isn’t convenient, it pays to have a tool on your phone or computer. Here are some of the advantages of using a trainer:

free blackjack trainer

1. You won’t miss any rules

As trainers are programmed based on a specific strategy,   you won’t miss any rules. If you made a wrong move, it will flash right on the screen. It’s also a good way to test how much you’ve memorized the charts. However, never resort to guessing games or you’ll defeat the purpose of the trainer.

2. It’s totally free

Who doesn’t want free stuff? There’s nothing to lose in trying a free blackjack trainer. Aside from saving money, you also get to sharpen your gambling skills. You just need to sign up and you’re good to go. Still, some trainers will allow you to purchase a premium membership to unlock more features on their trainers.

3. It’s an educational tool

The good thing about free trainers is you get to practice in different deck numbers and setting. This is quite difficult to simulate on your own, especially if we’re dealing with 6-8 deck games. With a trainer, you get to compare the moves you do on a one-deck game vs. a 4-deck game and so on.

4. The good step before making money bets

Afraid that you’re going to lose a fortune? A blackjack strategy trainer will help you analyze your gambling level by checking your accuracy rate. As you know, it’s a not a good idea to practice in an actual game. Putting real money on it means you’re sacrificing something. You simply can’t fly blind.

5. It’s a great pastime

If you want to take a break from your stressing blackjack games, you can use a trainer to unwind while keeping your gambling machine well oiled. Again, there’s nothing to lose but you have something to gain.

Using a card counter trainer

Card counting is a good way to boost your skills in memorizing the table. Hi-Lo is the most common method of card counting which is quite easy to learn. However, mastering it will take a little more practice and patience.

The cards are counted based on the point value. The high-value cards have a designated value as well as the low-value cards. The 2-6 cards are assigned with the +1 value, 7-9 cards are assigned with the 0 value, and 10 and face cards have a point value of -1.

Like using a strategy trainer, you can tweak the settings of card counter trainer depending on the number of cards and difficulty of play.

Instead of practicing your card counting skills in an actual casino, a trainer will give you the chance to implement a strategy and see how it works.

As you know, it’s impossible to practice card counting on online blackjack games. With this, you need a separate tool for such purpose.

Top 8 blackjack basic strategy trainer platforms

You don’t have to spend so much time looking for an intuitive trainer online. Even online casinos have their own trainers, although you’ll doubt the purpose behind. Anyway, here are some mobile apps and web applications that you can use to practice your blackjack play:

For playing hands:

Do you want to have a more efficient strategy in playing those hands? Here are 4 of the best and free trainers you can use online.

1. Blackjack Trainer Strategy Simulator

If you are an Android user, never miss the Blackjack Trainer Lite for your practice. In this app, there are five players and a dealer which simulates an actual casino game. It’s both a strategy and card counting trainer which is based on tried and tested strategies.

Since there are multiple players, you can observe the cards that have been dealt. It allows you to implement the Composition-Development strategy where you base your move on the abundance of certain cards on the table.

You have the freedom to change the settings so you can play up to 5 hands, number of decks in the shoe, game difficulty, game speed, and various strategies.

I must say, the graphics are a bit unattractive but if you’re into practice, the advice you’ll get from the app is worth the try. It just needs a little bit of getting used to.

2. Blackjack Trainer Lite

Are you a beginner? You’ll definitely find the Blackjack Trainer Lite very easy to use. As an entry-level training app, it lets you perform basic moves like hitting, standing, doubling, surrendering, and splitting.  It helps you master the basic strategy, the most recommended style of playing for blackjack beginners.

In fact, it has the color-coded basic strategy chart that many blackjack players use. You can do a soft hand practice, pair practice, and observe a strategy table if need be.

If you want a refresher or an app that will teach you the basics of strategy, this platform would be an easy choice. There’s a premium version for this app which you can avail if you want the ‘pro’ level. Remember, however, that it teaches the same strategies and the benefits of paying aren’t clear.

3. Blackjack Dealer Trainer

Do you want to know what happens on the side of the dealer? The Blackjack Dealer Trainer app teaches you how to become a dealer, in case you want to pursue a career in the future. It’s way different than the usual trainer apps that I’ve discussed here.

The first part of the app will teach you how to calculate payouts depending on the winnings of the players. Next, you’ll also study how to identify card value as well as the speed of dealing. As you know, blackjack dealers have to cater to multiple players in one round.

After learning all the knowledge taught on the first levels of the app, the last part will be the application of what you’ve picked up on the lessons. You’ll become the dealer who’s tasked to draw the cards and give necessary payouts.

One of the biggest highlights of this app is improving your value counting. You’ll start with five seconds until you reach the optimal speed of 0.5 seconds.

Take note that the GameSim (being the dealer) level is still in beta mode. The developers advise that the app may crash at some point. Rebooting it should fix the issue.

4. Blackjack Apprenticeship Strategy Drill

Do you hate the fuss of complicated blackjack basic strategy trainer apps? The Blackjack Apprenticeship strategy drill is the simplest platform you can find. It’s not an Android app but a web application that allows you to sharpen your recall of the basic strategy.

Basically, you and the dealer will be drawn two cards. From there, you’ll decide what your move should be: hit, stand, double, split or surrender. A message will pop on the screen once you selected a move. If it’s a wrong move, the assessment will show the proper answer.

This app is like a digitized version of manual practice using a deck of cards. But the advantage is that you can tweak the settings from 1-5 decks plus there’s a time in case you want to practice fast play.

Remember that this is a basic strategy trainer and that your score will be calculated based on accuracy. When the deck goes below 25% capacity, it will be reshuffled.

free blackjack trainer

For card counting:

For above beginner players, a card counting trainer would be a lot of help. Card counting is a method of identifying which cards are possibly still in the deck. It seeks to lower the house edge by analyzing the cards dealt on the table. Take note that card counting is only possible in brick-and-mortar casinos:

1. Blackjack Apprenticeship Card Counting Drill

This card counting drill belongs to Blackjack Apprenticeship’s practice drills that include the aforementioned basic strategy drill. Like their first drill, this can be played up to five decks with an adjustable timer and count frequency from one hand to a full deck.

The counting frequency refers to how often the system will ask you of the current count. The more hands you practice with in between, the more advanced your card counting gets. This is a great tool both for beginners and veterans who want a refresher.

Each time the cards are dealt with you and the dealer, you will be asked for the value. If you’re wrong, the correct answer will be shown to you.

The deck/s will be shuffled once it reaches a capacity lower than 25%. Again, your score will be measured on the accuracy of your answers.

2. Card Counter Free – Lite

This app has demonstrations and practice levels that allow you to study card counting from the beginning to an advanced level. The developers of this app claim that Card Counter Free is best for practicing and refreshing your card counting skills.

The study guide on this app is arranged on difficulty level: Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert, and Challenge. You’ll start will be a tutorial mode where you’ll be briefed of how card counting works.

This free version teaches you the Hi-Lo method. But if you’re intending to learn more, you can pay for an upgrade for more features. Of all other Android apps of its kind, this is one of the best reviewed.

The techniques here are based on actual strategies employed on blackjack tables. Aside from multiple practice levels, you’ll also find it easy to use, thanks to the card demonstrations.

3. Card Counting Trainer

Unlike other card counting apps, this one from Card Counting Trainer uses card flashing to help you sharpen your skills. The set of cards are shown in succession where you can tweak the speed. This simulates the fast-paced nature of dealing and playing hands. If you can identify the value, then you’re doing good with your practice.

Not sure if you got it right? This card counter allows you to show the correct value for checking.

This card counter is basic and short of attractive graphics. But if you want to practice fast value reading, then this will be a handy tool. This is a web application that you can access through your PC or smartphone. Take note, too, that this trainer only has a fixed 312 cards on the shoe.

4. Card Counter Gamer

If you want to practice card counting with five hands, the trainer from is a good option. It simulates a table where five hands are in play. After the cards have been dealt, you’ll have 30-40 seconds to enter the value of the cards by pushing the “Ready” button.

However, it’s not clear how many decks are on the shoe. So basically, this is just a practice for you when it comes to calculating the value of the cards on the table. It’s not a sustainable platform but worth it as a casual refresher.

What do you think of these blackjack basic strategy trainer platforms? Feel free to try each one and see what suits you best. In the end, consistency will increase your chances of winning. Keep practicing and you’ll soon become one of the best blackjack players in town.

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