Two-Deck Blackjack Playing Strategy: Moves, Tricks, Bankroll, and MORE

Nowadays, there are lots of competition between an online casinos and the real casinos that cater different blackjack variations. Marketing strategies among these casinos are almost taken in place to have a higher margin of income for casinos. One of these marketing techniques include the playing of blackjack game using six or eight decks. This technique significantly increases the house advantage. However, it causes slight destruction on the player’s probability of earning more money for a long time period. Because of this, the effort in looking for those gaming sites and casinos is a great help. But, be sure that those casinos provide variety of blackjack games that operate in just a single or double decks. This is because these decks can provide much greater profit. As we move along, we may now keep our eyes on playing the double deck blackjack.

It’s time to know some information about the way it plays. The strategies and rules that revolve around this kind of blackjack game are also discussed here. So, let us see the difference between these double deck blackjack compare to single deck game. Let us try to figure out what type of blackjack can provide higher profit to the players.


Due to its easy playing instructions and very fun and thrilling game settings, blackjack has developed many game varieties. One of these variants is the Double Deck Blackjack. As a brief history, Double Deck Blackjack is a specific variety of the Las Vegas Classic. This game variety utilizes only two decks of cards. These decks undergo shuffling after dealing with each hands. The shuffling on every round gives a relative decrease on the house advantage. Moreover, Double Deck Blackjack provides players the greatest probabilities except for playing the single deck options.

Basically, Double Deck Blackjack is far more better variety for blackjack gamblers than a single deck blackjack game. The reason for this is that many gaming sites or real-based casinos are very stringent in offering a single deck blackjack games. Moreover, the rules of the single deck blackjack are somehow created to mess up those players.

One example of these is the pay-out blackjack scheme of 6-5. This gives a 6-5 allowances rather than the common 3-2 ratio of pay-out. Because of this pay-out scheme in a single deck blackjack game, it outweighs all the odds of this variety. Furthermore, this scheme produces the single deck game a not so good one. And that’s the reason why the regular blackjack variety of six or eight decks are accepted by lots of the players.

Usually, in Double Deck Blackjack the alterations of the rules of the game are not ordinary. This simply implies that this blackjack game may become the best choice of blackjack in a specific gaming place. Moreover, lots of casinos have this strategy to switch the house advantage by incorporating some rules. These rules will only let the players to make a double down on cards of 10 or 11. Also, it permits the dealer to make a hit on soft card with a value of 17.

But, with this given rules, this game are somehow the same with the regular blackjack variety. Furthermore, many Double Deck Blackjack variety do not get something from the players. These variety are mostly prominent among online versions.

There are also times that a Double Deck Blackjack provides more advantages that a single deck game won’t offer. And compare to the single deck game, Double Deck Blackjack usually works by card distribution to players in a face down position. The purpose of this is to prevent the dissemination of card details during a round.

But, since two decks of cards are included, the dealer will distribute some cards prior to deck reshuffling. This means that the player can have a chance to gain enough information regarding the cards that are taken away from the shoe. You can also benefit from this details even if you are not a card counter. On the contrary, card counters get much benefit from the Double Deck Blackjack game. This is also triggers by the time when dealer distribute cards with half or more than half of the shoe count prior to reshuffling.


As a basic detail, the goal of the player in blackjack game is to have cards that have total values of 21 points or near to that value. But, keep in mind that it should not be greater than that. Player may call for a Blackjack in case he receives cards with a value of an Ace and a card that has a value equivalent to ten. This should be received during an initial card distribution. With this win, a blackjack pay off 50% of the players bet.

Moreover, the player can take many cards as long as he likes. In case a player’s hand results to more than 21 points, the player busts. But, in the event that the cards in your hand have the same value with the dealer, it is called a push. This is also a known as a tie in which no one wins or no one lose. Moreover, you also win in case the cards in your hand have total values near to 21 points compare to the dealer.

Playing Blackjack

During the first years of casino gaming, blackjack game works by playing using a single deck cards only. It is very easy for card counters to identify the number of high value cards that remain in the deck. As time passed by, gaming sites and developers started to incorporate more decks in playing.

The shuffling of multiple decks cards are accounted to automatic shuffler machine. This maintains the cards in random positions. Because of this, card counters find it difficult to determine the next card to reveal.

Moreover, multiple decks inside the shoe gives a higher house advantage. This scenario makes the players to lose or bust in a greater extent over the long run.

The game starts when the dealer distribute two cards to each players. This card distribution includes the dealer. Moreover, the cards receive by the dealer should always be in a position of one card facing up and the other card facing down. This is usually located in front of the player’s betting area.

In case the player is already contented with the total value of the cards that he received, it’s time for him to decide for the next action. He can make a stand which means he don’t like to add an additional card. Having this decision, the player can now place his cards inside the betting area. The cards for a stand should be under the player’s bet.

In the event the player are not satisfied with his cards, he can decide for doing a hit. This decision will result in receiving an additional cards of one or more, one-by-one. To get this additional cards, the player must move the initial cards in the direction going to him. Player can hit as long as he is appeased with the total values of his cards that would be near to 21.

At the end of the player’s turn, it is time for the dealer to reveal his face down card. In case the total value of the dealer’s card results to 16 or lower, the dealer are given the chance to hit. He can do this so until such time he gets the hard card of 17 or higher. In the event that the dealer achieves the total card values of hard 17 or higher, the dealer should go for a decision to make a stand.


It is very noticeable that the double deck blackjack rules may vary from one casino to another. Moreover, there are important things that a player must consider. Keep in mind the very vital double deck blackjack rules that players are already familiar with. It is that blackjack pay-out scheme of 3:2 ratio and the payment of insurance in 2:1 proportion.

However, the primary deviation is that lots of the games of double deck blackjack lets the dealer to make a hit at soft card values of 17. But, this is not the optimum scheme, knowing that it creates a house advantage of 0.2%.

Compare to other blackjack variations, the double deck blackjack uses only 2 decks of 52 cards. Shuffling of the two decks signifies the start of the game. Afterwards, the cards are distributed in every hand.

Moreover, the dealer do not get a card facing down. The dealer will make a stand on a soft card with a value of 17. As the hand moves on, lots of choices in betting are very much applicable. In some instances, players can decide to make a down with a double in every cards of two. Meaning, a player can increase his original bet for about 50%.

Furthermore, players may decide to separate the two cards with identical value. In case the player is dealing with 2 cards of identical seven, 2 cards of identical three or a ten and a queen card combinations, the player may have another hands of two. But, these hands should come with an extra bet of similar money value.

Since, there are lots of rules variations in addition to the basic blackjack rules, more double deck blackjack rules regarding card splitting are:

  • Players only have one chance of splitting cards in both hands
  • The card with an Ace value may get only a single card on both separate hand
  • Players may do a double down on every cards of two in each hand, this includes those cards result from a card splitting of a non-ace identical value

Double Deck Blackjack Rules on Insurance and Surrender

In playing the double deck blackjack, it do not permits the players to make a surrender. However, in the event the player may feel that the dealer is going to get a blackjack, he may purchase an insurance. Through this action, in case the dealer gets blackjack, the player will get 2:1 on his bet. Moreover, the RTP or the return to player percentage in double deck blackjack is about 99.77%.

Double Deck Blackjack vs. Single Deck Blackjack

Playing a single deck blackjack and double deck game involves quite distinction. To make it easily identify, an online version of blackjack is the most simple game to understand. This is because of the wide variant selection that come with distinct wages and advantages.

As the technology arise, blackjack game also evolve. With this evolvement, playing the traditional blackjack using an eight decks or a single deck game is now possible. This is applicable by using 52 cards.

Having this selection of decks, the players are capable to select among the single deck and the multi-deck blackjack in an online version. Moreover, the question is what variant provides the greatest probability.

Various techniques in playing a single deck and the multi-deck blackjack

Playing a single deck and the multi-deck blackjack come along with a primary distinction. And this is the way of understanding what decks to play and when to play that specific decks. And another crucial thing is the time of learning when to decide in making a hit, taking a stand, or doing a double down.

While playing both blackjack variants, it is ideal to separate cards of dual cards with values and with values of 3. This is applicable in the event the dealer reveals a 2-7 cards in facing up position. The single deck blackjack allow the players to separate two cards with values of identical 6s in case the dealer reveals the values of 7. Moreover, the dealer need to make a hit on a soft card with a value of 17.

Double down

In making a double down, the players have the chance of increasing their bet by 50%. This action also lets them to get an additional single card only. Moreover, playing single deck blackjack involves an extra moves in making a double down.

As the cards with values equivalent to 10 are getting smaller in count, the chance of losing by a player becomes difficult. However, more counts of cards with a value of 10 that can be able to hit in playing a multi-deck game. This blackjack game have a maximum of eight decks to play.

Furthermore, in single deck blackjack game, a player have the chance to make a double down on the card with a value of 8. But, this is applicable in the event the dealer reveals a card of 5 or 6 value. Having this card values, it will be difficult to the dealer to get a total that can win the game.

Generally, a double down action on a card with a value of 11 in a single deck is a beneficial decision. On the contrary, the traditional multi-deck blackjack is a better way to make hit. This should take place in the event that the dealer gets blackjack and the player ties the game.

Double-Deck Blackjack Strategy

In using the basic blackjack strategy charts, look at the upright left corner of the chart. To add to that, the dealer’s card in the facing up position can also consider. Using both scenarios, an ace card value is represented by an A.

Looking down the chart by beginning on the top down to the bottom, player may notice the totals with a hard and soft values. Aside from that, hands that are separable are also included. But, bear in mind that two charts are available based on the decision of the dealer. This could be a hit or a stand on soft cards with values equivalent to 17.

Furthermore, here are some of the double deck blackjack strategy policies.

  • Do not get an insurance or an even money
  • Classify the hand as a card with a hard total in the event that splitting is not possible
  • Knowing the hand as a card with a hard total in the event that splitting is not allowed due to restriction in re-splitting.

The basic strategy only just reveals the game that has an outcome of getting the excellent win or the last in losing per original playing hand. Just simply look at the first 2 cards on the hand. Moreover, this will end up to be the excellent game if all. But, a soft card of an 18 value over the ace card of the dealer is an exception. This is applicable in case a dealer makes a stand on a soft card with a value of 17.

Furthermore, it is not true that every soft card of an 18 value consist of two cards. Remember, the many cards in the hands of the players, the lots of the advantages for making a stand. Moreover, it reveals that in the event that it is forcefully making a hit or doing a stand most of the time, it is advisable to make a stand.

Generally, in a S17 blackjack game, the double deck blackjack strategy includes a double down. They permit this move on every dual cards. It is also allows the double down after card separation. And it do not accept a surrender. Moreover, the dealer has a chance to take a peek. Because of this, the house advantage is generally about 0.20%.

On the other hand, the double deck blackjack strategy on the H17 double deck blackjack game permits double down of every dual cards. Again, it also allows to make a double down right after a card split and not allowing for a surrender. Also, the dealer an take a peek giving the house an advantage of about 0.40%.

Generally, the rules may depend from one casino to another. However, the double deck blackjack strategy given in the two blackjack games is available in every situations. But, this come with just a slight adjustment.

Furthermore, playing with the use of the double deck blackjack tables is basically direct to the point. Players must simply look at the value of their cards. Also, they have to verify the face up card of the dealer. And lastly, find out the place in the table where the two situation lie into.

Basically, the double deck blackjack rule is available to any number of cards in the player’s hand. Moreover, it works the same way with the traditional blackjack game. Due to lesser card contents, getting a single card from the deck can affect the advantages of getting the same card value. Thus, in general, may alter a few close decisions.

But, generally, most of the basic strategy in the traditional blackjack game remain applicable. In case alterations are present, it may still depend on the specific rules implemented in the real-based casino or in an online casino site. However, the double deck blackjack decreases the house advantage at around 0.19%. This is very much comparable to playing an eight deck blackjack game. Moreover, that is a relative alteration, but not as striking like the 0.48% decrease observe in a single deck blackjack games.


Some tips are present that will enhance your total probability in playing the blackjack game. Even if it utilizes two decks of cards. And, noticeably, using this, the basic strategy should be followed the same with the other blackjack variations.

The primary thing that a player must understand and must able to do is to attempt and look for a blackjack game where a dealer makes a stand on every 17. This is because this setting provides the player a higher probability. It is comparable with those games that makes the dealer hit at soft card with a 17 value. This is generally an Ace card and any association of six.

Moreover, another vital tip is not to purchase any insurance. Even this is another way that the casino may profit against the player. Also, please ensure to make use of the double down and the splitting action in a smart way. These actions may enhance the overall balance of the player in playing the blackjack game appropriately.

So, it is a brilliant idea to learn the basic blackjack rules and also the specific rules for each blackjack variations. This is very much beneficial prior to engaging yourself and attempting to win over the game.

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