Casino Blackjack vs. Online Blackjack – Know the Difference ASAP!

Wondering what’s the difference between playing blackjack in a casino and online? Well, these two modes of gambling have a share of pros and cons. A brick-and-mortar casino blackjack surely gives the gambling vibe, but playing online also has its advantages.

Aside from the level of convenience, playing blackjack in a casino and online casino blackjack vary in style. Most online casinos nowadays were able to come up with impressive graphics and even actual dealers on camera. You can also play blackjack online free if you just want to practice.

Remember that in the game of blackjack, the goal is to defeat the dealer. And this is where we arrive at our first point:

Online dealer vs. casino dealer

The leading advantage of playing in an actual casino is that you’ll see the dealer in plain view. If you’re an expert in ‘tells’ or body language, you can read what the dealer is up to. Does he have a nice hand? Does he have a blackjack already?

On the other hand, the good thing about online dealers is that these are computer-powered. The systems are calibrated to ensure that the dealer has no way of cheating. Somehow, this gives players a better sense of security and trust over the gambling platform.

Both actual blackjack casino games and online blackjack have its consequences. However, it’s a matter of where you’ll thrive as a gambler. Usually, beginners prefer playing online to enhance their skills.


Actual casinos are dungeons of distractions. The alcoholic drinks are free-flowing, the noise of other tables is present, and the nuances of other players might affect your judgment. There’s also music playing in the background, not to mention the high rollers that will intimidate you. However, in an online setting, you are in the comfort of your home.

When you’re playing online casino blackjack, you can be at your most comfortable clothes. And not just that, you can also have a cheat sheet with you to increase your chances of winning. Sure, this is far from the wild Vegas setting you’re craving to experience, but if you’re playing for the money, you won’t mind the self-presentation.

Card counting

When it comes to online casinos, card counting is impossible. The cards are shuffled electronically really quickly which denies you the chance of taking into account how many cards are there in the game. Also, online blackjack shuffles the deck after every hand which makes your card counting efforts futile.

Besides, casinos won’t allow you to have the benefit of counting the cards online. If you can do that, you will definitely bring the house down. There are no pit bosses to watch around. Still, this doesn’t mean you can’t win big in online blackjack. Like playing an actual blackjack casino games, it’s all in the strategy you employ and the skills that you have.


If you don’t see yourself as a high-roller, it’s best to play blackjack online first. Typically, online casinos will have extremes in their betting limits. It can either be too low and too expensive. Compared to Vegas casino blackjack, online tables have lower bets so more low-budget players can bet for many rounds. In any way, you can still find online casinos with high-limit tables where you can put a large chunk of your money on. For practice, play blackjack online free.

Another advantage online casinos have over the actual house is the free chips given away as deposit bonuses. There are also blackjack tournaments online that allows a player to earn more cash in a shorter period. Not to mention tons of promotions, online casino blackjack is easier when it comes to maintaining a whole fortune out of gambling.

If you want to make smart bets, Shawn Tinling gives you some pro tips in this video:

Playing strategy

When it comes to playing blackjack in an actual casino, you only have your brain to tap for help. Whereas in online gaming, you can pause anytime to check on your tables, cheat sheet, and even search for the best move for a certain hand. If a large sum is at stake, you can even call a friend for advice.

There’s less pressure in an online casino. However, this will also limit the development of your skills. If you keep relying on your books, it will difficult to come out alive in a brick-and-mortar casino.

Still, we shouldn’t discount the fact that this nature of online blackjack is beneficial for beginners. It will allow you to observe the hand of the dealer and master a strategy at a low-risk bet. This is something that an actual house won’t give you the courtesy of doing.

Also, a lot of online casinos have a lower house edge than an actual table. You can find a single-deck blackjack game with a low house edge of 0.13%. And surprisingly, there are some that offer an all-time low of 0.08%!

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Varieties of blackjack

If you’re looking for variety, online casinos will never disappoint. Over the years, gamblers and casinos have come up with different variations of the card game. Each one has unique rules and a set of strategies for you to win. This makes gambling more challenging and fun, especially if you’re just planning to play blackjack online free.

But like playing in an actual blackjack casino games, you should research the rules first or you’ll lose your money.

The good thing about online casinos is you have all the time in the world to study the rules. You can pause and research if something isn’t clear to you.

When it comes to playing in a casino, you can still ask for the rules. However, you don’t have the luxury of time to master it. You have to come prepared and armed with strategies to win the game.

Nevertheless, a land-based casino is the home to the most seasoned gambler. You can always try to play in an actual casino blackjack and see how it will work for you. After all, most gamblers play blackjack for the money.

How to find the best blackjack online casino

Your odds of winning blackjack online depend on the platform where you choose to play. It’s like choosing your table in the house. There are more than 14,000 blackjack gaming websites all over the world that deals with real money. This means it’s not easy to find the best table to play at. If you want to secure your money, make sure that you scout the options properly.

The first step is to ensure that it’s a legal casino. You never want to put your money in the wringer, right? A legal casino always allows you to withdraw your money anytime. Still, there are legitimate blackjack tables that don’t support the withdrawal of the money.

ALWAYS check the deposit and withdrawal options first before putting your cash into it.

If this is your first time playing blackjack online, look for a table with a low minimum bet, say $1. Here are some the additional tips in a nutshell:

➕Check the house edge. Like playing in an actual table, never forget to inquire about the house edge first. The lower it is the better for you.

➕Reputation. You’ll never go wrong with the casino’s online reputation. If they are notorious for losing streaks, you may want to look for another option.

➕Look for the best bang for the buck. Always look for bonuses and other perks that you can enjoy when you play on the website.

➕Live dealer. Aside from the automated card dealer, you can also look for a live dealer.  This will give you a little vibe of the actual house.

Blackjack online bonuses

When you decided to play online, the biggest benefit you can get is receiving bonuses and promotions. Many blackjack online casinos give out up to one grand in bonus coins. This is a good start for you, especially if you’re a low-roller and still practicing your skills.

Online casinos are popular due to their lavish bonuses. However, you should always practice caution as some online casino bonuses come with something in return. For example, an online casino will give you a signup bonus only if you wager the bonus amount first. This is somehow a side bet which you should think twice before biting.

Given a low house edge and your skills, you have the chance to land the bonus. More bonuses will pop in the midst of your game. Still, this will included putting your deposit amount as a wager. After all, this is a gamble.

Still, there are VIP points that you can gain along the way. Some online casinos will give you 2 VIP points for every dollar you wage at the table. This is a reward that aims to keep you playing. As the VIP points accumulate, soon, you can turn this into cash.

As for land-based casino blackjack rewards, they have other ways of giving bonuses to players. Some have the Millionaires Club or a Loyalty Program where you earn a new status each time you reach a certain gaming tier. Bonuses and promotions are also in place here.

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Actual casino vs. online casino: when to play

Deciding when to play in an actual casino vs. playing online is a matter of personal preference. If you loathe the distracting environment of land-based tables, then resort to online platforms. But in case you want the wild Vegas vibe, the actual house will not disappoint.

If you’re just starting out in blackjack, it’s never a good idea to practice at a real casino. You’re bound to lose a whole fortune if you do that plus you won’t be allowed to bring your books.

Online casinos might be using automated dealers but that means you don’t have to tip. Also, you’ll get to avoid poor gambling advice from the dealers. If you’re not comfortable with a pit boss around, your best resort is online gambling.

However, don’t shy away from actual casinos just yet. The house is the place to test your skills. If you think you already have what it takes to weather the table, go play in a land-based casino. Here, you don’t have all the time to think and search. It will test your skill and instinct as a gambler and blackjack player.

If you want to learn card counting, go and head to an actual casino. This is something online blackjack sites seem to limit you from.

Which makes more money?

The answer depends on your skills as a player. You can make more money online but lose big time at an actual table. What you have to do is to boost your winning chances by practicing and learning strategies. Remember, most casino dealers only know basic blackjack techniques. But even though these are just basic, they’ve learned to master it over the years.

Here are some tips to win more money be it in an online or an actual table:

➕Learn the basics. When we say learn, you should master the ins and outs of the strategy. It’s not just about the execution. You should also know the possible effect of every move.

➕Just say no to insurance. For a player maximizing all his possibilities of winning, insurance isn’t one of them. If you’re seeing lots of 10s on the table and there are many players, don’t take the risk. You’re bound to lose your wager.

➕Play smart. Don’t go to a casino with a whole stash of cash without a plan. Play within a capital and pocket your winnings away. This way, you’re assured that you’re winning money than losing it.

➕Don’t drink too much. If you’re playing at the house, fight the urge to get drunk. This will make your head fuzzy, thus poor gambling decisions and thousands of dollars in busts.

➕Slow your roll with the perks. Both online and actual casinos will shower you with all the bonuses and perks to keep playing. However, some of these come in a gamble too. Ask yourself if it’s worth the risk or not.

Both casino blackjack and online versions offer something challenging to gamblers. Whatever your choice is, always ensure that it fits your gaming style. There are some advantages and disadvantages to it but your skill level will reign over the house.

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