Ways on Improving Your Card Counting Online Casino Skills

One of the most updated card counting online casino system widely used today is the Wong Halves Count. Stanford Wong developed this card counting system. The ways on how this card counting system work is in Wong’s famous book entitled as Professional Jackpot.

However, amateur card counters who are not yet familiar with this card counting online casino system need to start with other blackjack card counting betting strategy. Basically, one must understand that the principle of the card counting online casino system do not lie on card memorization in order to determine what should remain within the deck.

Isn’t it a cool tactic in playing blackjack? But, this is not how it really works. Card counting online casino system caters convenient and easy way to use the blackjack card counting betting strategy. One must have to monitor the cards with the greater value over those with a low value within the deck.

How Card Counting Operates

Basically, card counting online casino has a principle of appointing some real number to every card within the deck. The difference of the Wong Halves Count to other card counting system is the utilization of fractions into the card counting online casino system. One good thing about it is that the Wong Halves card counting system accurately identify the player’s edge over the other. Although, this card counting online casino system is a complicated and more complex method compare to others.

In addition, to be able to experience an equal and more balanced card counting online casino system, one must utilize the Wong Halves Count method. This counting system make the sum went back to zero after counting every single deck. Through this, it is advisable to change the running value into a real value. This is more likely applicable to multiple decks of cards within the game.

Blackjack Card Counting Betting Strategy

The following situations are needed in order to win in the blackjack card counting online casino game. Try to consider these tips and strategies in card counting and get more bucks of money and as much as possible avoid losing more.

1. Some casino implements rules and policies that offer small advantage of the house wherein card counting online casino system effective. There are casino rules wherein card counting is not needed to win over the game. Rules like 6:5 pay scheme or not allowing a double down after splits cannot be accommodated by card counting.

There are online casinos that provide not so good rules. However, there are rules that are in an average level, but still not a great one nor the worst for players who usually count cards.

2. Prior to shuffling of decks for an effective card counting online casino, the blackjack dealer must have to win over some sufficient game cycle. However, this won’t work in card counting online casino. The reason behind this is that lots of casinos over the web utilize an automatic or continuous card shuffling machine. Because of this card counting becomes insufficient.

However, the good news is that an online live dealer blackjack do not use a continuous shuffling machine. This blackjack game makes use of the dealer to do card shuffling within the middle of the shoe. Basically, the dealer shuffles immediately after the 4 decks for an 8 decks. Usually, this is somehow a critical situation for players who count cards.

3. Some card counters usually utilize sufficient hands each round. It is advisable to play with the use of more than one hand per hour. Since a regular online blackjack game is composed of mixture of complete tables and is usually works by pressing the buttons, the turn around time for this blackjack version is much slow.

Taking a pro in card counting, that player is averaging to 100 up to 300 game cycles in a single hour. In addition, the online live dealer blackjack that has the fastest turn around phasing has lower than 50 game cycles per hour. Moreover, lots of blackjack games online has almost 20 game cycles per hour.

Explaining Blackjack Card Counting Betting Strategy in Terms of Monetary Unit

Below are some of the possible betting amount and the best strategy and technique that a novice card counter would consider. This might help to win some amount of money but may not let you lose more.

1. Online betting to a maximum amount of $100

Value per hour: $1 per hour for 50 rounds per hour. In case the table is somehow slower, it is lower than $1 per hour.
Amount Needed for the Risk <1%: $40,000

With an amount of $40,000, the estimated amount a player may expect in an online blackjack game is about $1 per hour. Moving ahead, let us find out the difference with live casino blackjack.

2. Regular casino betting to a maximum amount of $100

Value per hour: $19 per hour for 100 rounds per hour. In case the table is less crowded.
Amount Needed for the Risk <1%: $17,000

It is very obvious that one can play blackjack for real money in an online live casino. However, this blackjack version is somehow unworthy because of the blackjack card counting betting strategy. Meanwhile, in case a player can risk higher amount of money and want to make more out of it, here is a little higher expectation in betting 2 hands at a rate of $500 per single hand.

3. Online betting to a maximum amount of $500 for 2 hands

Value per hour: $22.75 per hour for 50 rounds per hour. In case the table is somehow slower. At 100 rounds in a single hour, expect to have only $45.50 per hour.
Amount Needed for the Risk <1%: $250,000

In order to create more than $45 per single hour, a player must have money limit of about quarter-million dollar. However, in reality, one can only make about $10 up to $25 per hour with that amount of money at stake.

Moreover, in comparison with the real casinos, this what a player would expect.

4. Real casino blackjack betting to a maximum amount of $500 for 2 hands

Value per hour: $101 per hour for 100 rounds per hour. In case the table is less crowded.
Amount Needed for the Risk <1%: $50,000

Normally, player who count cards may be able to produce a minimum of $100 per single hour. This could be possible with just 25% amount of money to win over an online casino game. Moreover, complying with the rules of the game, a player can create $200 per hour or greater than that having that amount.

More about Blackjack Card Counting Betting Strategy

It is very essential to learn the exact amount of the player’s bet in order to succeed as player in card counting online casino. Even if one must possess all the skills and abilities but don’t have the knowledge in distributing the wage, winning over the casino is impossible.


Usually, over-betting is the very common error committed by amateur card counters. Mostly, this makes a player to a bankrupt. Generally, this happens because of the following reasons below:

1. Too much dependent on the player’s advantage. Having a true count don’t assure a player’s win.

2. Go after the player’s money. Basically, most players always ending up in making a bad decision when it comes to financial lost in order to get back those money. Players always try to bet over and over again hoping to get back the lost money.

However, an excellent player who do card counting should also be a great investor. And always remember that losing is always a part of gambling. Even an expert in card counting online casino may still lose up to 40% of his time.

Moreover, an over-betting for a short span of trying to get back what have been lost may have to take the risk in losing greater amount of money. Or worst, may end up to bankruptcy.

The thing is that the idea behind over-betting lies with the sky high limit risk. This will then make the player’s entire money at risk.


Another mistake that can be committed by amateur players of card counting online casino is the under-betting. This also comes with lots of risk. Moreover, the reasons why players commit this error is because of the following:

1. Afraid to get backed off the casino. Every single casino player don’t want the idea of backing off from the game or even the entire casino. However, the truth is that the edge of the casino is around 70%. A good idea is to place the bet accordingly.

2. Afraid of losing. Mostly this happened in case a player is already winning and do not like to lose the money that had won. A player learn that the bet distribution is about $200 meanwhile he just put on a $100 wager knowing that he don’t like to lose more.

The thing is using a large bet distribution may end-up in a break-even game.

Determining the player’s bet distribution

In this section, we will have to discuss how crucial it is to learn the exact amount to bet. This would generally help the player to grow the profits and lower the risk. Moreover, here are some ways in order to determine the amount to wager.

1. Using the bankroll calculator

This works by encoding the size of the player’s bankroll and selecting on a 2- or 6-deck whether on a soft 17 or hard 17. After this, players may see various selection of bet distribution and the designated profit and risk. With the selection, one may come up with a decision on the best bet distribution appropriate for the risk and the player’s goal.

2. Windows-operated betting software

This is one of the best software option for an expert card counter or for those who would like to have an edgy betting and profit decision. A windows-operated computer may be a big help even if it takes some more time to learn. However, through this, one may alter and change the wager distribution depending on the deck invasion, rules, game cycles per hour and the level of risk.

3. Bankroll Consultation

Among the three, this would definitely not the most budget friendly choice. This option may also be customized based on the desired bet distribution that may cost for around $199.

4. Practicing how to make the bet distribution

Practicing at home and not playing in the real casino is pretty much recommended. A simple and plain bet distribution may go after the true value of 6, 8 or 12. This may allow player to add some chips per true value.

Moreover, this would be very comfortable in computing the real count, thus, making way to alter the wagers. However, this is not commonly used in a land-based casinos. The reason behind this is that there are lots of systematized bet distribution. This would either create more money with just small risk.

Betting Changes

Having true value needs some memorization. And with this, one must need to make some appropriate adjustment on their bet. In case the value is a positive count, the bet amount should be higher. Moreover, the greater the amount of the true value, the higher the chance of getting Aces and 10s that are basically left at the decks.

Other ways of card counting online casino system than the regular Wong Halves Count may include the doubling up of the values appointed to the cards. Through this the fractions utilized by the Wong Halves Count may be eliminated. Moreover, this simplifies the counting method a little bit. Yet, this card counting online casino system still makes its way as one of the more comprehensive blackjack card counting betting strategy.


Card counting is one form of art that needs to be familiarized with. Generally, only professional gamblers and card counters use the Wong Halves Counting. This method needs to be familiarized and the only strategies where profits are gained.

Playing blackjack is exciting. This applies true when one would like to make more money from playing it. However, card counting may not be good in an online version. So real land-based casino is the best option.

Meanwhile, one must learn to master all the skills and strategies in playing blackjack and card counting. This way, you may able to get the money and take home the win.

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