Best Blackjack Table for Playing the Game – 3 Top Picks are Here!

Playing blackjack is an interesting and exhilarating one. But, this fascinating table game won’t
come into life without the help and use of its table. Besides, any table game won’t work without
the table.

Aside from that, if you really are a blackjack game fanatic, you can even have this game at home. All you need to do is to make your own or purchase a blackjack table. Just be cautious about the things that you might need to consider before doing or buying a new one.

So, to be able to feel the exciting game of blackjack, let us try to check out for the best blackjack
table behind this well-known game. We will give you the top 3 blackjack tables that will help you
to hit the game. Information and exciting features about those tables were all discussed here.
Also, if you want to make a do-it-yourself blackjack table that you can use at home, we will
guide you with very simple yet helpful instructions.

Do-It-Yourself Blackjack Table

Want to bring the casino fever in your home? Then, building your own blackjack table may help you achieve that. Making a blackjack table depending on your own choice of design is not a difficult one. You just need to follow all the materials needed and all the given information so that you will be guided accordingly.

Are you excited to make your own blackjack table? Okay, jot down and collect all the materials needed. Just focus and strictly follow the instructions provided.

Tools needed:

The do-it-yourself blackjack table top only requires some tools that are also very easy to have. What you’ll need is the jigsaw, drills that include bits in various sizes, and handsaw. You’ll also need a staple, screwdrivers, paintbrush, and artist brushes.

Materials needed:

After preparing the tools in making your own blackjack table top, it is time to collect the needed
materials. Look at the following materials and get ready to prepare it.

  • Plyboard or plywood – 2 sheets with measurements of 4’ x 8’ x ½” (this could be thicker
    depending on your desired thickness)
  • Lumber – 4 pieces of 4” x 4” x 8
  • PVC pipes coupler – 6 pieces of 3” (however, if you would go for a blackjack table with moveable cup holders, this material is not required)
  • Block of wood – 1 block of about 6” x 8” x 2” (this would be used for chip tray, but this is only optional)
  • Wood screws – 1 box of #8 or #10 with 3” long
  • Carpet padding – 8’ x 8’ (go for the smoother one)
  • Felt paper or felt cloth or material – 8’ x 8’ (commonly used colors are red and green)
  • Artificial leather – 8’ x 3’
  • A piece of foam – 8’ x 3” x 3”
  • Paints – small can sizes (can be used for markings on the blackjack table top)
  • Stencils
  • Black markers
  • Pencils

Instructions in making your own blackjack table:

1. In plywood, cut a circle with a dimension of 3’ using a jigsaw.

2. Determining the center of the circle, draw a semi-circle in it. Take extra caution in cutting
using a jigsaw. Your product will be two semi-circles shaped plywood. These will be the top piece and the bottom piece.

3. Create six equal slices of pie at the plyboard piece on top. Moreover, each slice should have a 30-degree angle measurement.

4. Make six circles at the upper right corner of each slice. Make sure that the dimension of
30-degree the circle is the same with the outer dimension of the cup. However, this step
can be eliminated if you are going to incorporate a cup holder that is moveable at your blackjack table top.

5. In addition, put a hole at the center portion of each cup holder.

6. Using the PVC, make an appropriate size for the height of the cup holder and the width
of the plyboard on top. Then, color the PVC couplers with a black tint to make it presentable.

7. Using the 4” x 4” piece of lumber, cut at least 4 to 5 pieces to make spacers.

8. With the bottom piece of the semi-circle shaped plywood, place each spacer equally distributed at the bottom of the semi-circle. However, you need to make sure that it will not fall at the location of the hole of the cup holder at the top piece plywood.

9. After that, attach each spacer at the bottom using wood screws. The product of this is a stable blackjack table top.

10. Having this bottom piece semi-circle already have with spacers, place the semi-circle shaped plywood top piece.

11. Attach each plywood together using a wood screw.

12. Using a carpet, trim a piece of it for the sheath of the blackjack table top gaming layer. Make sure that it should fit with the measurement of the semi-circle shaped top piece

13. Paste the carpet covering at the table top by spreading some adhesive on it and on to the table.

14. Then, trace and cut the holes at the carpet for the designated cup holders.

15. Lay the felt paper over the table top and tightly cover the table by fixing the felt paper at the edges using a staple.

16. Place the PVC fittings in its designated cut holes at the table.

17. Staple the artificial leather at the rear side of the table. Place the foam over the staples
and wrap the artificial leather around the foam. Furthermore, cover and secure the foam with the
artificial leather by fixing the leather at the bottom of the table using a staple. Check and
ensure that the leather is not overly stretch as this may lead to bunch in one corner or

18. Make a place for betting by drawing a circle using a paint.

19. In addition, make the whole blackjack table top more appealing by painting it.

20. If necessary, clean the legs of the table by staining it.

Now you may enjoy your own blackjack table top. With these simple materials and easy to follow
instructions, you are now ready to bring the game in your home. More so, you can now enjoy the real
feeling of being in the casino and even win the game at your convenience.

Moreover, if you do not have much time doing all these stuff, you have the option to buy a new
one. There are many blackjack table for sale available in the market. To help you make your choice
in selecting what suites your styling preference, below are the blackjack table for sale top picks that you
might read and consider.

3 Top Picks for the Best Blackjack Table

ACEM Blackjack Table

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With a 73” long table top, this blackjack table for sale is proudly made in the USA. This table is made
with a unique style of professionalism based on casino-grade features. Further, its layout that is green colored is produced digitally.

What is more exciting about this blackjack table top is that the metal legs part of it are foldable. These foldable legs are 30” in height. However, you can also have an option because a 36” high foldable legs are also available. But, you just need to pay an additional $25 for it.

In addition, the ACEM Blackjack table for sale has an armrest that is covered with vinyl. An ABS chip tray that is colored in black is also included. It has a weight of 60 pounds. And the overall dimension is about 75 x 45 x 4 inches. If you are looking for a long table for blackjack gaming, this item is a go.

Giantex Blackjack Table

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What’s nice with this Giantex Blackjack Table is that it is very suitable for players up to the count of 7. It also comes with a unique design of having a holder for the cup and the chips as well. So, each player can enjoy the game while having on with their favorite drinks.

While the cup holders are being located at the table top, it supports each player stable storage
of their beverages. Having this, liquid spillage at the table top can be prevented, thus, maintaining the good condition of the table. It also caters convenience to the part of the players.

Another good feature of this blackjack table for sale is having a panel made with a hard MDF material. It also has
legs made from steel materials which make the table durable. Armrest which is padded is
present. This provides players with extreme relaxation while playing.

Moreover, the table top surface that is made for playing is also padded. Because of this, bouncing of the chips is prevented. Also, mess spots are avoided due to pads that protect the playing area. What’s also nice is that the pads are water resistant.

Furthermore, this blackjack table for sale has a weight of about 44 pounds. Its overall dimension is 72 x 35.8 x 29.5 inches in terms of the length, width, and height respectively. With its lightweight and durability, it is very easy to store because of its foldable feature. This table is worth buying if you are after a lightweight product.

Blackjack Table with Unique Foldable Legs

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Made with a padded top in green paint, this blackjack table for sale has a solid and durable material. This table also caters 7 players in a game. In addition, it also includes dealer tray upon purchasing.

Moreover, the legs are made from metallized material. Both the legs and the table are foldable based on the style of a real casino. This blackjack table also has cup holders built in it.

Furthermore, this table has a weight of 85 pounds. In addition, it also has an overall dimension
of 71” in length by 36” in width. When standing, this blackjack table has a height of 28”. Being able to cater 7 players in a game, this blackjack table is worth trying.

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