10 Myths that You Shouldn’t If You Want to Win

Despite being a game full of enjoyment and excitement, learning the blackjack rules is what every player need in order to win the game. These rules are just simple and yet easy to follow. So, doing it makes the favour switch to your side.

Moreover, some players stick to the beliefs and superstitions related to gambling. But, all of those myths are not proven true. If you want to win, here are gambling myths that you must know and you should not believe for you to top the game.


It is observed that in playing blackjack, very slight edge belongs to the house. But, bringing the appropriate blackjack strategy throughout the game, the edge may definitely switch on in favour of your side. You must be really keen to look for the appropriate table to play into, take the appropriate promos and offers of the game, and take home running as the winner.

The basic blackjack strategy is really plain and very direct to the point – it is simply to ‘practice’. One cannot depend on the very mathematical card counting system and even to the best blackjack strategy especially when the time for making the decision have none left. Also, the advanced card counting is based on the player’s running count. If the time comes that a player forgets he’s counting, then he’ll have to wait to finish the dealing of all decks.


In order to play and win this table game, one must know the points designated for each card. The cards with the number 2 up to 10 have the same points as the number it bears. Moreover, the face cards or the card with pictures or images all have 10 points value. But, the ace has 1 or 11 points. When the player gets two cards of a face card and an ace, then he is said to be ‘blackjack’, in which the total combined value is equal to 21.


As the basic blackjack rule goes very clear, winning over the card of the dealer without exceeding the point value of 21. In the event the player automatically receives cards having the value of 21, he gets ‘blackjack’. The payout ratio for this win is 3:2, which simply means a bet of $400 gets a win of $500.

However, there are some casinos that give a 6:5 payout ratio. Having this payout, the player takes home a smaller amount of money. These blackjack rules apply on both a real-life casino or an online casino blackjack game.


Blackjack is one of casino table games where the player is playing against the casino. The dealer is the representation of the whole casino. He/she distributes a single card to every player in a facing down position.

The distribution of playing cards start from the left to the right position had ended the final card to the hand of the dealer. After this, the playing card distribution continues with another single card to every player. But, this time, it is in the position of a face-up.

As per the basic blackjack rules, when the distribution of the cards ends, the dealer will have to ask for the decision of every player. The player will decide to make a stand on his hand or get a hit. Remember, you need to have a total sum of 21 points as the combination of both.

When the decision of each player is done, it is now time for the dealer to show his or her card. Relying upon the dealer’s card, as the blackjack rules will point out if the dealer will going to have a hit or to make a stand.

After establishing the final card of the dealer, each player in the table who wins in the first deal should match their points to the card of the dealer. Those who have a higher score than the dealer wins the game, otherwise, the other player miss. Not unless they have tied with the dealer.


As a player, you must know the way the basic blackjack rules had an impact on the dealer. That’s why casinos have also a certain blackjack rule for blackjack dealer. Most of the time, the dealer plays on with another set of blackjack rules. These rules are implemented to guard over the edge of the house for a long playing period. This is done by confirming that the dealer deals each game without committing any mistakes.

That simply implies that the casino will earn from the table, regardless of the number of players are attempting to win over the dealer. However, the truth is, as the number of players attempting to win over the house increase, the higher the possibility for the house to win over those players who do not follow the established blackjack rules.


Based on the way it works and the way it plays, many players still incorporate fortune in gambling, even if there is the basic strategy that you must have to follow in order to win. Despite the innovations applied in blackjack, some players still depend on mere luck in winning the game. This kind of thinking and playing attitude can have a great impact on your hard money.

It is also observed that most of the blackjack players do not like the math concept of this game. That’s why the relationship between luck and blackjack playing is still on its flame. Because of this, there are some common myths in playing that are mostly related to the mathematical point of view.

1. It is not addicting.

Compared to alcohol and drug addiction, gambling does not affect the player’s physical being. Well, that is wrong! They categorized this addiction as a mental illness which is also a type of physical illness. But not all players who gamble are considered as an addict. However, to say that gambling does not cause addiction doesn’t bring a big help.

2. You begin to win when the fortune shifts on your side.

This thought circulates around the so-called ‘gambler’s fallacy. This is a mathematical point of view that revolves on the thought that the outcomes in the past usually have an impact on the outcome of the future. But, keep in mind that this is not a fact.

However, those who play roulette observe that each wheel rotation occurs separately. So, this is an example that former outcomes do not have an effect on the outcomes afterwards.

Nevertheless, in playing blackjack it has a different approach. This is due to the event that once a single card is distributed, the deck already has a different structure.

3. You can predict what’s going to happen next so you will know the time that you are lucky.

The results of the game are identified at an aimless pattern. No gamblers have the power to predict the outcome to help them develop their winning probabilities. However, still, many players believe that they can feel when is the appropriate time when they are lucky enough to win. Definitely, it’s helpless to someone when you attempt to assure him that he can predict the result even if it’s really no.

4. Oxygen is spread into the casino’s atmosphere to maintain the player’s alertness.

This is a real myth. Spreading oxygen all over the casino is very dangerous. As we all know, oxygen can cause other objects to be more flammable. So, using it in an area that uses a lot of electricity and crowded with people who are smoking would create fire jeopardy in the area.

5. Counting of cards is illegal.

Counting of cards in a casino is a norm since you are really dealing with cards all throughout the game. So, what makes counting cards, in a game that uses it most of the time, illegal? Not unless a special device is being used to make the count. To count your cards is to keep recalling in your mind of the game you are gambling.

However, this myth is acceptable by casinos. They make all possible means to deprecate card counting. Casinos already have countermeasures at times when they see players counting their cards. Decks at each hand may be reshuffled. Or the casino representative may ask the player to gamble at other games instead of blackjack.

Moreover, if a casino is more strict about it, banning you to enter their premises may be imposed. But, keep in mind that they cannot arrest you or even prosecute you for that action. Remember, counting of cards while playing blackjack is not an illegal act.

6. All games at the casino are manipulated.

At some point, this is true. But it is not true in a way that most players think about. Those players who are persuaded that casino games are manipulated always think that casino can mechanically alter the result of the game at the time they feel like doing it. So, this remains a myth.

Moreover, in a real casino this scenario, more often than not, do not occur. Just think of the probability of a roulette ball to fall into one of the 38 pockets. Well, it’s useless. However, all casino games are programmed with the numerical concept that is usually in favour of the casino over than those players.

In a short period of time, players can gain victory, but the chance is lesser compared to losing. Moreover, at around a long time period, the casino has all the possibility to win over the players. The reason behind this is that the bets are being paid at lower advantages compare than the advantages of winning.

7. Playing online gamble game is illegal.

The US laws are divided into several divisions – the federal law, the state law and the local laws. These divisions have different laws. The truth is there are already 3 US states where online gambling is already legalized. However, the remaining states have no legal or even regulated laws on online gambling. And not all of the remaining states have laws about making it illegal.

An illegal act to consider is the facilitation of money to support illegal gambling. However, it is a different act of making bets. More so, no online casino players have already arrested in playing blackjack over the web. Furthermore, the authorities keep their eyes more on the online casino game providers instead of the players.

8. It’s all about fortune.

Luck and gambling are always intertwined with each other. But, as always, the most important concept that revolves around gambling is the mathematical point of view. However, the most player always depends on luck when it comes to gambling. But, this kind of thinking neglect the decision-making process of a player in gaining his winning chances.

For example, in blackjack, the decision purely depends on the numerical concept of the game. At the end of each hand, there is an anticipated value. The player has to decide based on the maximum anticipated value. Doing this act, a player is doing the basic blackjack strategy.

There is a 0.5% and 4% house advantage difference on blackjack player that makes use of the blackjack strategy over a player that just depends on his gut feelings. To explain this further, imagine a player who have $50 in each hand and he has to get $60 per hour. So, the player is making $3000 to play per hour.

Anticipating to miss 0.5% of it, the player is seeing a miss of $15 per hour of play. On the contrary, if the player anticipates missing 4% in playing, he is seeing a total loss of $120 on an hourly basis. Moreover, the smaller the house advantage is, the higher the chance of winning a player can get.

9. Players can pattern on putting on their next bet.

This is also related to gamblers fallacy. Just look at this example. A player of a video poker only played for just 2 hours but already got a royal flush for two times in a row. Noticing this, you will conclude that the pattern for this machine game in giving a win is more frequent compared to other games.

However, this is false. The advantage of getting a win on a video poker remains around 40,000 over 1. The outcomes naturally don’t alter the deck composition or the probable combinations a player may see on the screen.

Patterns really take place in playing casino games. However, they really happen most of the time. But, that is just noticeable in reconsideration. One cannot foresee the future outcome by just depending on the pattern being noticed in the past results.

10. Other blackjack players judgement affect your winning advantage.

A great example of this statement is the thinking that a player coming in and out of the game tightens up the advantage. Moreover, unreliable evidence coming from most blackjack players states that situations of the game at the table are at a good state until such time a player comes in. On the contrary, it is the dealer who wins most of the time.

This is just a particular way of thinking, which in turn more effective. It doesn’t mean that if something occurs in the past that something will eventually occur in the future. Lots of players forgot most of the times that others come into the game and all begin to win.


The myths that are associated with gambling are all related to beliefs or to uncomprehensive math knowledge. However, a player must use a broader knowledge approach to the games and attempting ways to utilize all the winning probabilities. It is a good player’s activity to learn ways on how each game operates. This action is a great hobby that allows you to take home the win.

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