3 Top Casino Sites for Blackjack Online – Check Their Exciting Features and Offers

Blackjack becomes a well-known game over the casino industry today. This is probably due to its incredible payouts, simple techniques, a policy that can be followed simply. However, lots of blackjack variations are available over the web. Well, the good news is you can experience the delight of playing blackjack online game. You can do this either on the desktop or on your mobile phone.

To guide you on playing on the enticing world of blackjack online, here we have tips, strategies, and necessary information that could help you to understand and learn more about this game. A list of online gaming sites that cater to a free blackjack game or blackjack online for money is here for your reference. So, check this out before starting your first experience of playing blackjack online.

Blackjack Online Game Overview

Playing blackjack for some is purely mere luck. However, you should keep in mind that all it takes are a deep understanding of the game strategy and a lot of patience in playing the game. Remember, the main target of getting blackjack is not to draw near to 21 points, but to win over the dealer and to get as much money that you can from the house!

With our emerging technology, blackjack games are circulating over the web via online access. Moreover, there are wide selections of blackjack online free. These games can divert you to the real casino world.

Literally, by just looking at their words, land-based blackjack and blackjack online clearly define their differences. And it primarily focuses on their ease of playing the game. However, the objectives, techniques, policies, and game variations are still the same.

Purpose of playing Blackjack Online Free

The purpose of playing blackjack online game is generally the same with that of the real blackjack. Primarily, it is to have blackjack, win over the dealer or have cards that sum up to values near 21 points.

Moreover, engaging in blackjack online free needs:

  • Trying to attain the hand that is a blackjack or a hand having a sum value of 21 points or near to it.
  • Doing the appropriate actions to boost your winning chances.
  • Putting your bet strategically.

Practising using a Blackjack Online Free

Familiarizing yourself with the game is the best move to acquire higher chances to have a blackjack. Blackjack online free are available to let you practice the game in a real-life ambience. This way, it may also help you to learn the rules of the game.

By playing blackjack online game you will be able to master it. You may know everything about the game just like its history, basic policies and terms. Different variations of the game are also available for you to have a glance. Most importantly, practice tools that are available to use for free as well. This will give you the looks and feels just like a real-life casino table.

Further, gambling sites online offer blackjack online free. There, you will see all the information and tools you need to get you started in this great game. From the great practice tool, to how to play section, the winning list of online casinos, and most likely the entire free blackjack site is aimed at your convenience and delight.

The Trainer

Located at the website home page, a Blackjack Trainer is there to assists you in enhancing your gaming skills. A nice thing about it is that downloading is not a requisite. You just need to begin playing, as simple as that.

However, better to read tutorials and watch demo videos before trying the blackjack trainer. There, you can deeply learn the policies of blackjack. Because of this, you can improve your way of playing the game.

The Strategy

The use of the chart of blackjack technique is very crucial even if you are just only playing the blackjack online game. Getting familiar with this chart caters you with the best tactics in every blackjack instances, whether you are utilizing the blackjack trainer or playing with blackjack online for money. Better not to forget to at least take a look at it before you start playing even the free blackjack games.

The correct strategy for the blackjack online free lies on the principles of either making a down at the double, card separation, purchasing insurance, and even making a surrender. The secret with this is to practice a lot. As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. So, the more time you spend practising, the more you can get the chances of winning over the house.

The process of getting to know the appropriate time to separate cards also needs a lot of time to master it. You do not need to be a professional math wizard but you must have to understand and learn to assess your hand. You must also study the dealer’s hand.

Furthermore, the same goes for the technique of doubling down your bets. Try to analyze this, players who spend much time studying these techniques have more chances of getting the win.

Practising the Card Counting

Another thing that affects the possibility of ruling out the game is by the proper way of counting your cards. However, more skills for doing this and more practice is needed. Better also to read articles about this card counting.


Generally, this is a legal action. However, most online casinos restrict those advantage players. These are players that are skilful enough to identify the proper time to put their best. Most of the times, these players rule out the game compare to other players.

Online casinos are attempting to prevent these card counters from joining the game in all possible ways. The ways are like playing a table with multiple decks and monitoring the way they put their best. However, the card counting techniques cope up to changes over time.

Furthermore, still, lots of online casinos still offer blackjack online game on a single deck. Because of this, the card counting technique is workable for skilled players. That will definitely aid you in practising blackjack online game, while you are perfecting a particular skill.

How to Play Blackjack Online Game

The common mistake of blackjack players is to draw near the 21 points. However, it is not really the primary goal. It is basically to rule over the dealer by making him loose.

So, rather than to get the 21 points, skilful players just keep an eye on the hand of the dealer. Low-value card of the dealer on the first round will make lots of cards closer to as much as large as 16 points or over. Or, in the event that they will go to lose.

Simple techniques like those can even decrease the house edge that is already lower. It also makes to digitally fade the advantage on the succeeding game.

Policies of blackjack online game

Generally, policies pertaining to playing the blackjack online game is such an easy-to-follow regulation.

1. Place a bet with a minimum of $1 up to maximum all bet.
2. You will receive two cards from the dealer and at the same time presents one of the cards from his hand.
3. Maximizing your bet up to two times the amount of the original bet in times you receive dual cards possessing a similar value prior to your decision of making a stand and separate cards.
4. To add more cards, you have an option by choosing ‘HIT’ but you lose automatically if your value of cards exceeds 21.
5. Pressing the ‘STAND’ button in case you want to begin the game.
6. The dealer shows the remaining card and in the event that they get a value of 16 points or below, the dealer hit anytime. Hitting stops at the time the dealer has a card value of 17 and above.
7. You rule the game in the event that the sum of all your cards is higher compared to the card of the dealer.

If you’ve never played the blackjack online game with other players before, there’s no need to worry. We’re here to explain how you can play the game of blackjack online free with other players. Check out these easy steps below.

6 Easy Steps in Playing Blackjack Online Free Game:


In order to begin playing blackjack online free game, just click on the button bearing the ‘Try it For Free’ label to navigate to the game. After landing on to the website of the game, all you have to do is to press the ‘Play Now’ button.


Selecting the ‘Sit Down’ button, you’ll now have the opportunity to be seated then at the blackjack table.


At this time, you’ll have to put your bet. This game looks like you are playing in the real casino environment. After deciding what amount you’d like to put as your bet, time to click the button having the label ‘DEAL’.


The next thing to do is to wait for your card’s turn. It would only take just a few seconds to deal your cards.


Now is the time to choose what kind of action you’ll need to do with your cards. The options for you to decide with are:

Hit – Press ‘Hit’ when you decide to receive an additional card from the dealer.

Stand – Click ‘Stand’ when your decision is to keep the cards you are holding.

Double – Choose ‘Double’ in the event you are capable to put a bet for the second time over your original bet amount.

Split – Select ‘Split’ in case you need to separate your cards into two.

When you have to decide on the succeeding action that you need to act on, the available functions are very noticeable. Generally, a certain color is being assigned for a specific action. Just remember that you need to make the best hand let you rule out over the game


1. First Best Hand

Basically, getting a blackjack is the first best move that you can do. This happens normally in the first round when you are holding cards that sum up a hand that is of 21 points. Getting a blackjack is also receiving a 3 is to 2 payouts.

2. Second Best Hand

This hand means cards of greater to two. The total value of all cards is equivalent to 21.

3. Third Best Hand

The last hand composed of cards that have a sum value that is drawing near to 21 points.


When you’re done with all your actions, just wait for the release of the outcome. When the result shows a score near 21 points, then you win the game.


Even if you are just playing the blackjack online free game, you need to strategize your moves. Taking a glance at the chart of blackjack techniques will help to incorporate those strategies. Furthermore, there are free gaming sites that allow you to learn how to implement the strategy without any payment fees.

Take a glance at this list of the top 5 casino sites that offer blackjack online free. Moreover, the first two sites also cater to blackjack online for real money.

  • 888Casino
  • Wizard of Odds
  • Arkadium.com
  • casinotop10.net
  • casino.org

However, if you are already used to it and want to experience getting money for the win, then there are also gaming sites that offer blackjack online for money. Moreover, looking for a great online gaming site where you can begin to play is not as simple as you think. Here, we will give you three of the top casino site for blackjack online gaming.


JACKPOT CITYBest site for blackjack online$1,600Offers the biggest rate of free money on blackjack online sites
CASINO.COMMost popular online casino site-No deposit required to play Slot games
888CASINOMost trusted online casino€88Deposit is not a requisite

1. Jackpot City

This blackjack online for money site is good for both an amateur blackjack player and a pro. The enticingly high welcome bonus of $1,600 is what most beginners really like. As of to date, this rate is the greatest recorded value of free money that is given away in playing online blackjack.

2. Casino.com

Considered as the most popular casino online sites, Casino.com’s blackjack games do have the excellent quality. The primary reason why amateur players love this site is that a deposit is not a requisite.

3. 888Casino

Compared to other gambling sites, 888Casino complies stringently to the safety and international regulations in gambling. Because of this, it is classified as the most trustworthy online casino site. Aside from that, beginners love it due to the free bonus of €88.

Also take note that all of these sites of blackjack online for money passed the licensing requirements of organisational and non-organizational gambling bodies. So, they cater to the safest game for blackjack online for money.

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