Want to Get a Blackjack? Check these Odds to Help You Win at the Table

Do you ever wonder that in playing blackjack, it is always on the side of the house who always gets the win? There are players that can bring home lots of money because of winning over this table game. But, it took much of learning, studying, and strategies to roll over the game. Or, some players just got pure luck behind their back. However, there are different blackjack odds that you’ll need to know and understand if you really want to make the winning in favor of your side.

What are these odds of winning blackjack? Does it really help to be the champ in this game? Well, here we will discuss everything about these odds. All the details that you need to get the win in your favor are here. So keep on reading before digging into the blackjack game.

Why people play blackjack

There are lots of reasons why most casino players really enjoy playing this game. These are:

Simple house game policies

Blackjack is played by generally beating the dealer. Even if there are many competing players in the game, you’ll only need to win over at one dealer alone. Keeping an eye and your entire focus on the strategies and technique of the dealer is your main act for this game.

You have to jest on the cards of two. The overall value of those cards should be equal to 21 in order to win. Remember that your score should not be higher than that value.

In case your cards have a point that is greater than 21, it simply means that you bust or you lose the game.

House advantage is generally lower

Compare to other casino games, blackjack gives the player a great take home win. This is because blackjack house only gets back one percent.

The blackjack odds

Did you know that gambling policies including house policies in blackjack constantly change? These changes generally occur to put the advantage always be in favor of the house. However, the rules indicated for each game are very noticeable.

It is a nice move if you would make clear of any unfamiliar rules with the dealer in case you encounter any. Doing this before the start of the game would allow you to be used with the various rules constantly changing in the blackjack industry. Please keep in mind that those rules would either give a negative impact or a positive effect on your winning possibilities.

How does it work

Since there are various blackjack rules, blackjack odds of winning the game also works in lots of ways. This is also because the rules of playing the game primarily depend on the result of the preceding game cycle. The numbers or components in each deck alter as the new game cycle proceeds. With this, the blackjack odds alter as well.

Improving the blackjack odds of winning

Basically, blackjack is purely a game of mere possibilities. However, the result may improve based on the strategies or techniques that the player is executing in playing the game. The decision of the player during the game also has a great impact on the result of the game.

It is very important to be compliant with the rules of its fundamental techniques. And having to come up with the right decision, the blackjack odds of winning are improved. More so, the advantage of the house decreases to 0.5 per cent.

The blackjack odds importance

Being a blackjack player doesn’t need to be a professional one in order to win. What a player needs is a deep understanding of its advantages and winning possibilities. It is always important to be very mindful of the winning possibilities and losing chances.

Blackjack Odds Table

Table of getting a bust while having additional cards

11 and below0%

The table shows that the chances of losing the blackjack game while you have additional cards to receive in your hand soar to the peak as the card you get have a value that is also high.

The chance of the dealer to get a bust


In the above table, we can see that the highest chance of the dealer to lose the game is very high with 42 to 44%. This usually appears at the card value of 6.

Policies affecting the payout in the blackjack odds table

Soft 17

Whatever the blackjack policy that moves the game in every table, the dealer can make a decision to either take a stand or get hit on the 17 with a soft value. Hitting that 17, it provides the dealer with more opportunities to gather greater points. And by 0.2% value, the house increases its edge. Even though the value is not extremely high, cumulative values may grow faster as long as the game goes on at the table. For you not to waste your winnings, go for gaming table that lets the dealer take a stand on that 17.

Deck counts

One of the factors that affect the blackjack odds table is the count of decks used. Generally, in each single blackjack table, six decks or eight decks are utilized. These deck counts maintain the house chances to at least 0.5%. Moreover, a single deck table reduces the advantage of the house to as low as 0.18%.

Limitations on making a double down

The double down feature is allowed by most casinos when players are having two cards or making a split. Unfortunately, there are some casinos that do not permit players to decide on a double down. Because of this, it generally affects the payouts of the blackjack odds. In an instance that a double down is allowed, a 10 or 11 card values enhance the house advantage by 0.2%.

Not allowed to split aces

If you want to turn the blackjack odds on your side, separating aces is a brilliant choice. Restriction of this feature will definitely affect the payout for blackjack odds. By doing this restriction, the house has an advantage of 0.06%. Not valuable enough, but the accumulation of this value may make the house build up their advantage.

The payout for blackjack odds

As we say, there are lots of factors that influence the blackjack odds table. And to include to these factors, the payout for blackjack odds has a huge impact. Generally, the payout for the table is given in ratio. The 3:2 payout ratio is the most commonly used payout scheme. However, there is also the 6:5 payout but, this is rare to observe at the game.

Generally, this payout shows the amount of money you will get when you rule out the blackjack game. You do not need to be a math genius for you to understand this payout ratio. What’s important is that you have the knowledge on anticipating your future winnings?

The 3:2 payout ratio simply means that you will take out $30 for every bet of $20 and you get a blackjack. However, if you are playing with a 6:5 payout ratio, you will take home $24 instead of $30. Further, these payouts do not have an impact on the severity of having a blackjack. What’s unique between the two is the money that you will receive from the house and also the house chances of winning at the table.

Knowing the Basic Strategy

In order to reduce the advantages of the house and take the chance of having the blackjack odds, lots of alternatives are pretty much on our favor. However, these are not available for all times. We need to comply with the correct pattern of using the basic strategy. To help us achieve this, there are things that we need to think and reflect selves during each hand.

Using a surrender

Making the decision to surrender is always the first choice when the table is already catering it during the game. However, in case the game doesn’t provide an option of surrender, then you’ll need to reflect on the succeeding things below.

Splitting a hand

This is only available in the event that the card you have is a pair. Another case is when you have two cards that have an amount equivalent to 10. However, in case you are unable to do splitting, the following things should be considered.

Hands for a double down

Having a blackjack odds table that is on your favor, taking this decision is a bright idea. However, you cannot make use of this decision all situations. In the event that you are not able to make use of it, take a look below for the things that you might need to consider.

Making a stand or doing a hit for additional card

In taking the opportunity of the benefits of winning the odds in blackjack, making a stand or doing a hit for an additional card should be your last resort. However, knowing the basic techniques in playing blackjack needs to come up with the correct decision. You can make use of this after determining to yourself about the other things mentioned above.

The advantage of the house in blackjack

In all casino games, including blackjack, except that the house has all the possibilities to win over the players. Understanding the playing techniques and policies of the game is not enough. It is very crucial for the players to keep in mind that the house can win in all and every means for most of the time. However, you can still have a chance to steal the game by playing it smoothly and understanding the principles behind card counting.

The primary thing that why the dealer always wins over all the blackjack players is that during the game, the players always do the first move. Getting a card for a hit and then eventually bust, the players automatically lose the game. However, in this scenario, the dealer seems to be also busted. Generally, in this scenario, the players usually have a difficulty of winning over the dealer.

However, keep in mind that in gambling, players always have techniques that might be very helpful in reducing the house chances of winning. Be aware that before the game starts, the house already has an 8% advantage over the players. But, with using your knowledge of the basic blackjack strategies, players may be able to decrease the advantage to at least 0.2% up to 0.5% lower. However, this should be based on what policies are being implemented in the table.

The player’s opportunity in winning blackjack

As mentioned, players have lots of techniques in reducing the house chances of winning. Even though the dealer always has to make the last move, he doesdoesot has those techniques and alternatives to decrease the player’s advantage. These are the things that help the players rule out the game.

  • Hitting the 21 points and having a blackjack, the players, the players get an additional payout due to the 3:2 blackjack payment scheme. This would always happen every timehe dealer dodoesot have 21 points.
  • Variety of options are given to the players, like the decision to make a stand or get a hit. However, comparing with the dealer, they only have just a few optionsonsAside from that, they are being urged to get a hit on every cacardntil the card value of 17.
  • The players are allowed to decide for making down a double. This gives the players the opportunity to increase their money 2 times the amount most especially let the moment that the blackjack edge is in favour of the players. Because of this, the players are able to grow their money.
  • Players can decide to separate cards. Through this feature, the players have the chance to boost the hands with a weaker value. Also, it can help the players to have a higher opportunity to rule over the weak hand of the dealer.
  • Surrendering our hand even at the beginning of the game is a valid move by the players. Having this, the players can have the chance to take back half of their money. However, this feature is not provided at all times. But, because of this, the players have lots of chances to save their winnings.

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