What is Multiplayer Blackjack? Should You Play It?

Along with the popularity of blackjack comes different variations that you may enjoy playing and might also give you delight because of the enticing payouts that they offer. Moreover, there is the blackjack multiplayer, another blackjack variations that cater benefits and advantages to blackjack players. If you haven’t tried playing this variant before, better stay with us and explore everything first about it.

What is Blackjack Multiplayer

Blackjack multiplayer is played by players greater than one and usually up to six players. Those players in the game have a goal to beat the dealer and not the other players. This blackjack game is said to be more active and lively. This is because of the presence of many players.

Blackjack Multiplayer – The Difference

What makes blackjack multiplayer unique is that little changes in the rules are implemented. For this game, it uses eight decks and at the end of every hand, the cards should be shuffled. However, playing with more than a single hand by each player is not permitted. But, this is with the exception of splitting.

Blackjack Multiplayer – The Goal

Generally, the goal in playing blackjack multiplayer works the same way with the regular blackjack. It is to attain the card value that is typically higher with the card value of the dealer. But, remember it should not be higher than the required value which is 21.

In case it goes higher than 21 points the players lose the game. However, they win or they get blackjack in the event they receive an ace card and a card with a 10 as its value. Moreover, a tie may occur once the dealer and the player both have an identical card value.

Because of this, the players have the opportunity to retrieve their bets. Usually, having a blackjack has a 3:2 payout ratio. Moreover, the 1:1 ratio is for paying out a regular win.

Every player is permitted to separate those dual cards that bear an identical value. Even those cards also include the aces. However, the players can make a double down once in just a single action. They are usually done this after separating pair cards.

Blackjack Multiplayer – The House Edge

House edge in multiplayer blackjack is basically similar to the regular one. The house edge percentage value of 0.44% remains unchanged. This percentage increases to 0.456% in times the dealer do not do a card shuffling at the end of each turn.

When it comes to other rules, no dramatical changes are seen. This is probably because most casinos have similar policies for the regular blackjack game. In case casinos implement distinct policies, it either maximizes or minimizes the house advantage.

Blackjack Multiplayer – Placing Insurance

As the rule in making insurance in a regular blackjack game implies, the player can have the chance to buy insurance during those times when the card of the dealer that is facing up has a value of ace. This rule goes the same with the multiplayer blackjack. The amount of the insurance is basically 50% of the player’s original bet on that dealer cards hand. That insurance covers up the player in such event the dealer gets a blackjack.

In case the dealer wins the blackjack, the insurance of the player is multiplied by two. Meaning, the player will retrieve his original bet. Meanwhile, the dealer is unfortunate to win the blackjack, the player automatically misses the insurance. This is regardless if the player turns out to be missing his hand.

Blackjack Multiplayer- The Strategy

Playing the blackjack multiplayer, it has a strategy that is simply direct to the point. And the same goes for the regular blackjack strategy. The player should make a hit in case his card bear a value ranging from 5 up to 9, no matter what cards the dealer has.

Just a little review here about the basic blackjack decisions that remain unchanged in every blackjack variations:

Stand – is the player’s decision to stay on the card that he holds in his hands. Meaning he is contented with the outcome of his hand so an additional card is not needed.

Hit – means that the player needs another card and he should requests it to the dealer.

There are types of making a ‘hit’ which are also some commonly used decisions in all blackjack variations.

Double down – simply means that the player’s original bet is decided to make the amount at least two times higher than the original to increase it. Going on with this, the player will have to receive another one more card.

Split – the player is only permitted to make a split in case he holds dual cards with an identical value. This time, the player can put a second bet. Moreover, they are also allowed to play two instead of just one hand. The players have the probability to either win or lose at both hands. Also, players can win over to one hand and may also miss the other one hand. The two split cards of the players are completely independent cards after the time they split.

Surrender – in case the player is not convinced with the cards in his hands they have the choice to move out of the game. However, this decision makes to miss the 50% of the bet. The other 50% goes to the player. The player should decide on this action in case there is really no chance for his winning.

A double down decision should be done in case the player’s card value is 9 and the dealer holds a card of 3 up to 7. Moreover, in all the other situations the player should hit it. Having a 10 value card, a double down is a good choice. Not unless the dealer holds a card of 10 or with an ace value. Anyway, if that’s the scenario, the player should decide to hit.

Having an 11 card value, a double down is also a good option. However, this is an exception of the case that the dealer holds a card of an ace. That case, the player needs to hit. Always make a stand in times the player holds a hard 17 up to hard 20.

Also, make a stand when the player receives a 13 up to 16 card values alongside with the dealer’s card of 2 up to 7 and decide to hit if ever he/she holds a card ranging from 7 up to an ace. In times the player encounters the scenario of having a card value of 16 points and the dealer card value is 10, hitting is a good option if the player is holding a card of lower than 3 pieces.

Moreover, in the other scenarios, the players need to stand.
Players holding a card with a value of soft 13 up to 17, the best choice is to hit. Or, making a double down will also apply in some scenario.

Further, players make a stand on card values of soft 18 up to 20. Not unless the dealer holds a card with a value of 9, a 10, or ace.

When it comes on deciding to split, the players separate cards of aces and cards of 8s most of the time. Players should always decide to make a stand on the card of dual 10s. Also stand in case the dealer holds a 10, an ace or a card of 7 in the event the player has dual cards of 9s.

The player decides to split when he has dual cards of 2s and 3s or 7s and 8s in case the dealer has cards of 2 up to 8. Moreover, the player goes hit in times he holds cards of 8 up to 10 or a card of an ace.

Blackjack Multiplayer Tournament – The Online Version

There are various casinos over the web that caters multiplayer blackjack tournaments. Many blackjacks online multiplayer joins these game. Mostly, the elimination tournament gives an enormous delight to players. In this tournament, the players in the last round will proceed to the final game and will have to share with the pool of prizes. Moreover, most online gamblers chose blackjack online multiplayer tournaments as one of the games in their list.

Further, playing in tournaments like in blackjack online multiplayer provide excellent benefits. These are:

1. Players can interact with other players through a chatting feature. Thus, they create a feeling of the real casino experience. They can have an opportunity to study and know new techniques and insights from those players joining the table game.

2. Offers an enticing prize pool. This creates an appeal to players of blackjack involving real-money who are generally after a bigger monetary winning.

3. Blackjack online multiplayer is a quicker version versus to a regular blackjack game available online. This makes sense to those who have already a long experience with the game.

Advantages over the standard blackjack version:

Since blackjack tournament popularity is rising nowadays, so do the blackjack multiplayer tournament. Having this rise in popularity, blackjack multiplayer tournament goes with some advantages over the standard blackjack version.

1. Players have the opportunity to deal with other players in a very broad selection from different countries around the globe. With just one click at the button of the website, the players can experience this advantage. However, this option eliminates the rule of dealing over the house. Rather, it provides the pleasure of playing over their companions and families anywhere they are. No need to worry as this game maintains the excitement brought by the real blackjack game version.

2. Players have the selection to play a game of up to eight players in one game at the table.

Blackjack Online Multiplayer – The Way it Works

Generally, blackjack online websites impose a fee. This is for the house of playing the game. Also, players who want to join the game are being charged for the buy-in fee. However, the fee depends from one website to another. So, good advice is to search for the best gaming website that you would engage yourself playing into.

After joining and paying of fees, the player will get chips with a count of 1,000 pieces. The blackjack works the way it is. Players eliminate once they lose their chips.

The fees collected at the start of the game will proceed to the pool of prizes. However, to identify the total amount of the prize pool they must know the total number of players playing the game. So, the more players joined the game, the more prizes are at stake.

Blackjack Online Multiplayer – Tips

The crucial part of being a blackjack player of any variation is to have familiarity with the blackjack games that they have chosen to play. This applies more likely prior to engaging in any blackjack multiplayer game. Better to play first the online standard version of the game. Or, the player may also choose to play the free blackjack multiplayer version. The purpose of this is to practice the player and to be familiar with the game. It is also to ensure that the players already know all the rules of the blackjack multiplayer game before engaging to it.

Another crucial thing that players should learn is the basic strategies and acquiring extreme skills in playing the game. This is because of the game’s goal which is to come up with higher chip count compare to other players who also joined the game.

Moreover, blackjack multiplayer tournament is also a thrilling one. It also caters enormous money back when you join the tournament. By playing with more players,  definitely, an entertaining ambience is there just like in a real-life casino because of the interaction with each player.

Final Thought

Blackjack multiplayer game version receives positive feedback from most of its players. For most of them, this version is an interactive one as many players are joining to play the game. This version mimics the real feeling of a casino ambience which makes it more appealing most likely to blackjack players who really plays for real money. Moreover, compared to other blackjack variants, this version allows the players to play with their families and friends all over the world.

However, keep in mind that various casinos and online gaming websites impose different fees and payments for playing. So, as always, the best thing to do is to look for the specific version that really suits your gambling requisites. This way you may end up enjoying the game without any pressure.

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