5 Most Played Blackjack Games – What are Their Differences?

Many people nowadays become more acquainted in playing casino games, most especially the very popular game – the Blackjack. Despite the many other types of card games out there, Blackjack still remains the number one played card games all over the world. Moreover, there are many types of Blackjack game that you can choose to play with.

Here, aside from giving you a brief background of what is Blackjack, we will explain the different Blackjack games and their differences. We will explore what makes each Blackjack game stand out from the other. So, before dealing with it, let us first discover the different blackjack games that you might enjoy.

Classic Blackjack1 to 8 deck cards• Number of deck used is usually with the number of 2 and number 4

• The dealer takes a hit with soft 17

• Allows double-up and split-up at the same time

• A total of up to 2 resplits are allowed in addition of double-up followed by a split

• The dealer usually checks for Blackjack
European Blackjack2 deck cards• The 17 which usually the soft type is stand on by the dealer

• Blackjack of both the dealer and the player results with a push

• Inspection for a blackjack is not done by the dealer

• Players are approved to make a double which is usually a down type in case they get a total of 9, 10 or 11

• Double at the end of split-up are approved but resplit-up is restricted
Blackjack Switch• The players are approved to double on a split

• Re-separation up to four turns are allowed

• The 17 which is a soft type hit by the dealer

• Pay-out of Blackjack Switch is even
Spanish 216 or 8 deck cards• The 17 which is a soft type is stand by the dealer

• Players are permitted to make a double every after each splitting. Moreover, they can request to further resplit

• Making surrender are allowed after doubling
Pontoon Blackjack• A two-card with a total value of at least 21 roll-over the game

• The player are only allowed to stand in case there is a total of 15 or more

• Dealer decide to hit on soft 17 and wins all push

What is Blackjack?

Blackjack is played as the most popular game of cards in every casino all throughout the world. Many blackjack players benefit a lot from it as they can get more money by playing it. However, you must have the knowledge on playing it for you to win over the best paying game of cards.

This card game works when you start to deal with two cards. The value of the card given to you must be close to 21. After getting the total of those two cards, you’ll have to decide on that card, whether you stand or take a hit. To make it clearer, here are the most basic and common terms that are usually used while playing this game:


When you have not yet getting close or over 21, you may request a hit. Taking a hit means that you have to receive another card.


This means that you decided to end your turn. The turn of getting a card will then pass on to the player next to you.

Double Down

Meaning you decided to double your original bet. This time you then get one more piece of card and your turn will immediately ends.


When you receive two cards of the same value, example two cards of 5’s, you have the option to split both of them. You can play with both of each card as separate cards and you will receive another card for each one. From there, you have to decide on each separate hand whether you stand or take another hit. However, you need to make another bet since you have two hands playing at the same time.


This means that you need to have to let go half of your bet. Anyway, this is one of the best options especially in the event when you almost had to lose your whole original bet in the entire game.


A term used when you get over 21, thus this means you lose, even if both you and the dealer goes bust.


Simply means that you (the player) and the dealer both have the same amount of card. It is also called a tie, which by then no one win or lose the blackjack game.


It is a term in blackjack game that means you are dealing with an ace with another card that has a value of 10. This is also called as a Blackjack.

Furthermore, most of the Blackjack players have a mindset that they have to win over other players at the table. However, the real goal of any blackjack game is to get closer to the total value of 21 and win over the dealer.

Now, knowing the blackjack basics, it’s time to explore the various types of blackjack games. These games will definitely enhance your gambling skills and interests.

5 Most Played Blackjack Games

Even though they have different ways and approach in playing each games, blackjack basic rules are unchanged. However, there are some little differences when it comes to payouts, number of decks needed in the game, and options of the game. Moreover, to rule out the game, the key is to have a deeper understanding of the rules of each different blackjack games.

Classic Blackjack

This game of blackjack is the old-fashioned type version. It is a well-known type of blackjack games of all. Classic Blackjack works by playing with a minimum of 1 up to a maximum of 8 decks. All the player together with the dealer are holding 2 cards. One of the card of those two is in a down facing position, and that is called as the hole card.

As usual, the game’s purpose is to have a card total of at least 21, however, the said value should not be higher than that. If it then exceeds with the total of 21, you get bust and definitely lose the game. To be able for you to win, your card total should be higher than the card of the dealer. In the event that you are dealing with an Ace plus a card with a face value of ten, this makes a total of 21.

How Classic Blackjack becomes unique:

  • Decks of cards used is between 2 and 4
  • The dealer takes a hit with soft 17
  • Allows doubling and splitting at the same time
  • A total of up to 2 resplits are allowed in addition of doubling followed by a split
  • The dealer usually checks for Blackjack

European Blackjack

The European Blackjack is a blackjack game that is considered as the best among others. Compared to the Traditional Blackjack, this game works by using a number of card decks of 2. The cards dealing by both the player and the dealer have a position of up facing.

Moreover, the hole card is not yet to deal with until such time that the player decides to play the hole card. The player can decide whether it is a split, take a hit, a stand or even a double card. In European Blackjack, the player also has an option to make a double down for cards with total values of 9, 10 or 11. Furthermore, this blackjack game sets some rules in the event that as lower number of decks is being used and the dealer stands with a soft 17.

How European Blackjack becomes unique:

  • The dealer makes a stand on a soft 17
  • Blackjack of both the dealer and the player results with a push
  • The dealer does not verify for a blackjack
  • Players are allowed to make a double down in case they get a total of 9, 10 or 11.
  • Double at the end of splitting are allowed but resplitting is restricted

Blackjack Switch

In Blackjack Switch, all the players are allowed to play using their both hands. They have the options to select to ‘switch’ the card in the second position, or the cards in the top of both hand. Each player needs to have two bets of the same amount on both hands.

Moreover the players are also allowed to decide to make a ‘Super Match’ bet. This bet is generally placing on the first cards of four that are dealing to them. At the end of a ‘switch,’ the players are allowed for a double on any cards of two. The players who bet for a ‘Super Match’ win in case they have a pair on any of the dealing first cards of four.

Generally, in the event the dealer gets cards with total of 22, they will have a tie on all the non-losing hands in the table. And this is one of the best attention-setter of the game.

How Blackjack Switch becomes unique:

  • The players are allowed to double on a split
  • Re-split up to four hands are allowed
  • The dealer takes a hit of soft 17
  • Pay-out of Blackjack Switch is even

Spanish 21

Spanish Blackjack is another term used to it, which is usually played by using six or eight deck cards. However, the total number of deck cards used is only 48 to start this blackjack game. This is because those cards with a value of 10 are removed. But, through this, the house edge increases. And this game provides player with a player-friendly rules of all blackjack games.

Furthermore, there are rules that should be applied in order to make use of this house edge.

Rules in playing Spanish 21:

  • The player can make a double on any card value.
  • It is approved to make double at the end of a split.
  • The player is allowed to make the Aces to separate.
  • A total score of 21 is always the winner.
  • It is acceptable to make a late surrender.
  • A player’s blackjack always wins over a dealer’s Blackjack.
  • The players are allowed to hit and make double down in the event that Aces occur to separate.
  • Rescue in a double down is allowed. This means giving up the player’s cards at the end of the double-up. It is a good idea to take an amount the same with your original bet.
  • Pay-out rules is as follows:
    • A five card of 21 pays 3/2
    • The six card 21 pays a 2/1
    • 3/1 pays to those seven-plus card 21
    • Bonuses are not given a monetary credit at the end of every double-up or split-up.

Other rules in playing Spanish 21:

Moreover, in some casinos, there are slight differences on the rules of Spanish 21.

  • The soft 17 can either be hit or stand by the dealer.
  • Redoubling for up to three times is allowed.
  • It is not permitted to make surrender or drawing in order to split aces.
  • Blackjack counts a face card plus an ace at the end of splitting.
  • In Spanish 21, the dealer is allowed to look at his hole card. Through this, the dealer wins the game and calls a Blackjack or 21. A push may result in case the player also gets a Blackjack. Further, insurance and late surrender are also allowed in Spanish 21. Surrendering at the end of every doubling down is allowed. This is also a nice chance for the acquiring the house edge.

Moreover, in Malaysia and Australia, they use the term Pontoon in playing Spanish 21. Most likely, in Australia, there are slight variations in playing this game of cards.

How Spanish 21 becomes unique:

  • The soft 17 can be stand by the dealer
  • Players are permitted to make a double every after each split-up. Moreover, they can request to further re-separation
  • Making surrender are permitted at the end of every double-up

Pontoon Blackjack

In some places, Pontoon is coined as ‘Spanish 21’ just like in Australia. What makes this blackjack game slightly different from the other is that the hole cards of the dealer are both in the down facing position. Also, this blackjack game gives monetary credit to the player at a higher amount.

Moreover, there are general rules implemented by mostly all casinos.

Rules in playing Pontoon Blackjack:

  • The sole purpose of the game is to have a card value totaling to at least 21. However, if you get higher value than 21 you may lose the game.
  • Aces are equivalent 1 or 11
  • The face cards has the value equals to 10
  • You can get a pontoon or what they call as the natural win in case you get a card with a ten point value plus a card with an ace
  • The game usually begins when the player gets two cards in the up face position and the dealer gets two cards with a down face position. The game usually ends when the dealer has pontoon and that the dealer wins.
  • Players can always request for a hit. However, they can only make a stand if they already got at least 15 points
  • The players can usually decide to have a double down at any case.
  • Players are approved to give-up their hand.
  • Making a surrender typically lets you give-up half of the initial bet
  • The dealer will move on to make a draw until he reaches 17, or makes a five-card with a total of 21 or less, or even goes bust
  • In the event the dealer loses, the players get even amount of money.

How Pontoon becomes unique:

  • A two-card with a total value of 21 wins the game
  • The player are only allowed to stand in case there is a total of 15 or more
  • Dealer decide to hit on soft 17 and wins all push

Knowing the different blackjack games and the basics behind them, you may now have several options to enjoy blackjack in variety of ways. But, then again, to be able to win at the table, you must the knowledge of playing it and some strategies to make it work. However, you don’t need to be a professional to beat and win over this game. Plan and have the right strategy to turn the advantages on your side.


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