Double Exposure Blackjack: How to Play it in an Actual Casino

There are many blackjack variations that a player can play either on an online game or in an actual casino. The way they are played may vary depending on the variation. But, the blackjack basic rules still remains. Moreover, blackjack card values are also unchanged.

Furthermore, as the blackjack game differ, the blackjack rules also has some distinction in some points. It is still based on the game you are playing and on the casino you are into. Here, we will discuss everything you need to know about this blackjack variations and the changes that happens as the game varies.


In any situation at a blackjack game, the house edge are still in small percentage. But, in any instances that a player executes the appropriate blackjack strategy, the said edge will automatically switch in favor of the player. Card counting may not be needed in order to attain this win, the right things you must do are to look for the appropriate table and take the appropriate bid of the game. With this, winning the money would be easy.

Basically, the blackjack basic rule is very precise and direct to the point. It’s as simple as practice and repeat practicing. Even the very helpful techniques of counting of cards and the beneficial chart of blackjack strategy won’t work especially at the point when the player’s time is already not enough. Moreover, the updated techniques in counting of cards depend primarily on the actual count of the game, in case you don’t remember your point, the only option for you is to wait for the dealing of the remaining decks.


In order for a player, especially an amateur one, to understand the way of playing blackjack, he must first learn the values of each cards. Those cards that bear the numbers 2 up to 10 have values identical to the number they are bearing. However, the cards with an image are all have values equivalent to 10. But, this is with the exception of the Ace card. This card is equivalent to the value of either 1 or an 11. It is a blackjack when the player’s card total value is 21 points.


Almost every casinos operates by playing the conventional policies of blackjack 21. This originates on the Las Vegas Strip and was well-known as the American 21. The other term is the Vegas Rules. This variant is also one of the progressive games of all blackjack variations.

Nowadays, this rule has not been catered to most casinos operate on the Vegas Strip, except if the player choose to play at the high-ceiling table games. Online and on the small casinos are the gaming sites where you can play these games. Moreover, this popular table game produces more game editions with their unique policies alterations.


This game variant permits to down in a double the cards that is in hard 9, hard 10 or hard 11.


At some point, this is the same with the European version that are only capable to down at a double on the card that have a hard 10 or hard 11. However, this policy is not agreeable to most of the players due to making a down in double on soft cards of 12 up to 18 which in turn is more agreeable in most situations in blackjack 21 game.


The game of blackjack 21 no-hole-card version operates in lots of the countries even those of not in the US boundaries. In this variation, the blackjack dealer receives only a single blackjack card that is facing up. This scenario allots a blackjack card for the other players. In any instances, the blackjack card value that is left may be an Ace card given the appropriate time.


This kind of bet in a blackjack game is an alternative bet to be added to the common game. However, this bet is not given in every table game and mostly are popular in an online game rather than in an offline casino play. In fact, the primary side bet that is common in every blackjack table is the insurance bet.

Moreover, there are lots of side bets in blackjack games. Lots of the side bets variety include those players who are dealing with a particular basic cards. It also affects those players who have the total of the primary deal that arrive at a particular number. Or, it should be the blackjack dealer who loses on the initial cards being dealt.

Those who are always betting on the side have a greater advantage over the house compare to the blackjack game. However, this are not generally good as a fine wager for a standard player. But, this is  mostly used by those players who are skillful in card counting in most of the particular situations.


Moreover, another blackjack variation is the Double Exposure Blackjack. The primary distinction in playing this blackjack variant is that the dealer of the game gets dual cards that is both facing up which belong in the beginning of the shuffle. However, this particular action creates the player to be always in favor. But, there are other particular alterations in contrast to the regular game of blackjack that are generally in the side of the dealer.

Basically, the Double Exposure Blackjack has a house advantage that is higher compare to the regular blackjack game version. But, still, the position of being the best table games played in casinos for the sake of the profit, belongs to blackjack game. This is true, in the event that the player understands the way of playing the game to their favor.

Moreover, this blackjack variation is very well-known with blackjack players that is enthusiastic in playing blackjack. Way back in history, the Double Exposure version of blackjack game is an invention of Richard Epstein. Those players who want to attempt playing this game must know the distinction among the Double Exposure version and the traditional blackjack game. Comparing to the traditional version, the Double Exposure Blackjack gives the dealer dual cards in visible position. But, even if this is the case, the player still busts in every ties except for the blackjack itself.

However, there is also an online version of the Double Exposure Blackjack. In case you want to play it that way, the game belongs in the program file of casino gaming software developers like the Playtech, NetEnt, and Realtime Gaming to name a few.

Double Exposure Blackjack Policies

Since this is another variant of blackjack game, there are some rules that players must learn. Here in the Double Exposure Blackjack version, the two cards of the dealer are both on view of all the players. However, there are other policies that counteract with the changes made from the blackjack basic rules and, therefore, offers lot house edge. It is very well anticipated that the advantage of the house is noticeably higher . But, having the appropriate array of abilities, you can earn in this gaming schedule.

The Double Exposure Blackjack variation is very appealing because the way it plays. Being able to know the dealer’s card at the first glance generally benefits the players. Moreover, it also alters the entire game course. But, the goal of the game is still the same with that of the traditional blackjack game.

Furthermore, the players who always count blackjack cards should consider the idea that the Double Exposure Blackjack version works by playing a deck of six, also it comes most of the time with eight. The dealer mostly makes a hit on the soft card with a value of 17. However, players should understand that this policy depends on the mandated policy of each casinos.

But, even if most of the basic blackjack rules are similar, there are some new policies regarding this game variant.

  • All the two cards receive by the dealer are all in the face-up position
  • At all times, the dealer declares as the winner in all push, except to the event that a natural blackjack occurs
  • The players of this blackjack version gets an even money pay-outs
  • Double Exposure Blackjack players can do the splitting just only once

The rules of the Double Exposure Blackjack are very common in all of its version. However, there are some rules that depends from one game to another, regarding on the way it is played. For instance, policies that cover the hits of a dealer or making him to stands on a card with soft 17, the blackjack on a push or may be given to the player and in that, the player may do a double on any of the initial two cards. Or, this action will either be combined or eliminated from every particular game.

The bright idea is always to carefully read the policies of every game that you select to play. But, the more you know and understand the specific rules of Double Exposure Blackjack, playing with it is not a big deal anymore.

Double Exposure Blackjack Policy Alterations

Generally, there are three crucial rule alterations that are set in order to equalize the edge by simply taking a glimpse on both the cards of the dealer. The alterations of these policies generally have an impact on the experience of the game. See below the following alterations in the rules.

1. All of the ties take by the dealer, not unless if the player gets a blackjack.

Going back to the traditional blackjack game, in the event that your total card values is the same with the card values of the dealer, busting is not your fate. However, it will result to a tie or you get a  blackjack as a push. In playing the Double Exposure Blackjack, having a tie with the dealer will lead to an outcome where your bets will be lost. Moreover, the rule of having a tie that is given to the dealer won’t work. This means that when both of you and the dealer have a similar hand, you will still be the winner of the game.

2. Getting a blackjack is an automatic winner with an even money pay-out

In the event that the first dealt cards that you receive is equivalent to the value of 21 points, you are automatically claim as the winner of the game. Moreover, please take note that the pay-out for the Double Exposure Blackjack is an even money that is obviously lower rather than to the 3:2 or 6:5 pay-out scheme in the traditional blackjack.

3. Splitting on the initial hands for just only one time

In an instance that the initial cards you receive on the starting deal is both an identical blackjack card values, you can select to separate the cards and create a new hands. However, this action needs player to put an additional bet that has the same value of the original wager. And, in case, the new hands will still have an identical card values, this time you are not allow to make more card separation.

These rules are frequently common in every types of Double Exposure Blackjack. Regardless of the platform you are engaging yourself to play it. Whether in an online or in an actual casino setting, the blackjack game will be using the same format.

The Basics in Double Exposure Blackjack

The Double Exposure Blackjack variant has the highest house edge. To be able to keep this advantage, the pay-out scheme that a player who has a blackjack must get not the 3:2 ratio. The pay-out for this blackjack variation in the event of a natural blackjack gives an even money. In the event the player’s cards and the dealer’s cards result to a push, the player busts.

Based on the policies that cover the casino where you regularly play into, it is not allow the splitting, making a double down or even have a double following a split. Since, there are policies that depend from one casino to another, some deviations that you may encounter are:

  • Dealer will make a hit or do a stand on soft cards with a value of 17
  • Players are not given the opportunity to make a double on the two initial cards

There are lots of casinos that permit the splitting in just a single moment. However, the casinos that permit players to make a double following card separation are just only few.


The blackjack card values in Double Exposure Blackjack is closely similar with the traditional blackjack card values. King, Queen, and Jack have all values equivalent to 10 points. Moreover, the blackjack card values of the remaining cards have values equal to the values that they are bearing. The Aces are either equivalent to 1 or 11. This value is based on the action of the player in where it would benefit him.

After the distribution of a the blackjack card, the players have the chance to peek at the cards of the dealer. Right after this action, the player may decide to make a hit, take a stand, do a double down or separate cards. Please keep in mind that this blackjack version do not offer players a choice to make an insurance bets.

Even this blackjack variation let the players to have an easier decision making, still the house advantage remains greater. This way, you must execute a tactical strategy for you to win the game. The blackjack version of Double Exposure gives a good information regarding the advantages that the players have to play with. A stand or a hit on a soft card with a value of 17 is made by the dealer.

The blackjack result that has a value of a tie may always account to the players. However, in most other case, it is always a push. A very vital information for a player to understand is the way blackjack ties work. This is crucial because of the opportunities the player would decide for selecting the inappropriate choice.


Basically, this blackjack variation goes on similarly as with the traditional blackjack. It simply implies that the objective is primarily to have a total card value near to 21 points. However, you should not go more than that value. But, it should be greater than the total card value of the dealer.

Moreover, the decks to be played is based on the rules of each casino. Meaning, it depends whether or not to use a 52-cards per deck. Lots of cases use six or eight. The platform that you are playing doesn’t affect this rule, whether you play it online or in an actual casino.

There is a difference on the pay-out for the traditional blackjack game and the Double Exposure Blackjack. It is obviously lower down due the even money pay-out scheme rather than the 3:2 ratio.

Double Exposure Blackjack – The Odds and Winning Chances

The Double Exposure Blackjack advantages and winning chances are both link to the quiet deviations in the policies. These are usually present from one casino to the other. There are some casinos that may cater rules that are somewhat favorable to the player. But, there are some that gives more favor to the side of the house.

Furthermore, the variants of this game are generally imply to give the money in favor of the house most of the time rather than to the player. This should be the ultimate policy that all players must keep in mind. Also, bear in mind that the advantage of the house at this game variation is generally greater rather than to the traditional game. Moreover, gambling experts say that this version caters some of the excellent edge in casino in times it works using the appropriate technique.

Double Exposure Blackjack – The Strategy

The Double Exposure Blackjack is very common mostly via the online platform. However, it the first launching was in a real based casino in Las Vegas, at the Atlantic City, and in Tunica. It is very much advisable to familiarize yourself first with those casinos that provides the greatest advantage on this Double Exposure Blackjack. They say that the Atlantic City is the best place where blackjack plays with the greatest advantages.

Moreover, in Tropicana, Trump Taj Mahal, and even the Claridge cater the Double Exposure Blackjack. They all have the minimum advantage of the house. This edge is generally 0.66%. Basically, this game variant works using an eight decks.

Moreover, this demands the dealer to make a stand on a soft card that has a value of 17. They permit to  do a down for a double. However, it can only be possible on a hard card. That card is equivalent to 9 until 11 and also on a soft card with values of 19 or 20. Moreover, they permit to make a split just once in each card. Further, the player is an automatic winner in terms of a tie in blackjack.

On the contrary, it is stated that in Reno, Nevada is the worst odds in Double Exposure Blackjack. The advantage of the house against the players are at around 1.47%. This is primarily due to the six deck game that governs by the unique rules in Double Exposure Blackjack.

In case you are playing blackjack and won’t be able to take a glimpse of the hole card of the dealer, then probably, this blackjack game variation is definitely worth a try. Meanwhile, the Double Exposure Blackjack game is somehow occasional, it permits the players to experience the most discouraging feature of this game. Many rules of this variation are being there to counterbalance the house edge. However, it is very advisable to decide many times before engaging yourself into this play.

Double Exposure Blackjack – The Pros and Cons

The Double Exposure Blackjack is the blackjack variation that is very interesting and very exiting to play as well. This because of its unique way of playing the game. However, even so, there are still some perks and even drawbacks that players have been noticed upon playing the game.

Double Exposure Blackjack – PROS

  • This is the only blackjack variation in which the favor is always on the side of the players. It gives the player a great probability to win the game in case they acquire the appropriate technique and skills.
  • One of the exciting perks of playing the Double Exposure Blackjack is the opportunity to take a glimpse at both cards of the dealer. Moreover, the players can decide from there their next action and their bets.
  • Double Exposure Blackjack is available online. Mostly, the eminent casinos cater this blackjack variation in the said platform. This allows the players to have a great experience of online gaming.

Double Exposure Blackjack – CONS

  • The primary disadvantage of playing the Double Exposure Blackjack is that the dealer always got the win in almost every tie. This simply means that in the event that both the player and the dealer got a blackjack during the game, the player won’t receive anything.
  • Moreover, before engaging yourself in playing Double Exposure Blackjack, it is a must to cope up with the basic blackjack strategy because the actions depends on the winning chances of the card of the dealer. Due to this, players need to know a new playing approach.
  • The pay-out scheme for Double Exposure Blackjack is an even money which is generally lower compared to the 3:2 pay-out in the traditional blackjack. This pay-out may also have a great impact on the earnings of the players over a long period of time.


There are lots of blackjack variations that a player might play with. It maybe in an online platform or it should be in an actual casino. But, regardless of the variations of blackjack rules that your apple of the eye casino are using, you can still have the chance to cope up to those rules. Moreover, you can also have the greater possibility of winning most of the time.

Final Thoughts

Because of the idea that the Double Exposure Blackjack caters a unique way of playing, this is considered as those blackjack variation that is very well-known. Moreover, this game offers players to look over the card of the dealer. Due to this action, it closely give an impact to the player’s decisions about their specific actions to take into and the bets that they have to place. This crucial details creates a wide thought of the result over a certain scenario. However, they should also consider the idea that there are lots of mandated rules which has a goal in reducing the advantage of the player.

This is another blackjack version that is very interesting to play with. It is highly advisable that before playing, always make sure that you familiarize yourselves with all the rules pertaining to the game. The reason for this is that it is also based on the policy of the casino that you would like to engage yourself into. Furthermore, players must also learn to alter the basic blackjack strategy to be able to control the decrease of the money bursting to the lower limit.

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