14 Blackjack Blogs and Books You Should Start Reading Now

A lot of newbie blackjack players tend to rush on betting and playing the card game. As much as experience is a great teacher, it would help to read some resources to guide your gambling exploits. You can always enjoy blackjack free download opportunities, but it also pays to read blogs and books along the way.

Many blackjack masters have documented their gambling techniques through books, blogs, and other publication. These are pieces of golden information that you should maximize for your benefit. Remember, the best card counters of our time are inspired by various gambling books they’ve read. The likes of Bill Kaplan, Tommy Hyland, Stanford Wong, and more sparked their gambling interest through reading blackjack books.

If you want to have a solid foundation for your gambling, here are seven blogs and seven books you should start reading:

Blogs and forums

1. Blackjack Apprenticeship

A brainchild of Colin Jones, the Blackjack Apprenticeship is aimed to teach gamblers how to win their game. Colin is a master card counter and he uses this blog to document his techniques and experiences.

Aside from imparting valuable blackjack information, Colin and his team also run blackjack boot camps. You can be a member of their website for premium training courses, forum access, casino intel, drills, and more.

Aside from the memberships, Blackjack Apprenticeship also offers the tour membership. Here, aspiring card counters enhance their skills through exclusive tools, forums, and online drills.

Still, you don’t have to spend a dime just to get something from this blog. Their strategy charts, mini video courses, and written resources would be enough to jumpstart your blackjack games.

Here’s Colin Jones and what Blackjack Apprenticeship is about:

2. Blackjack.org

If you plan to play online or learn the basic strategy, don’t miss what the Blackjack.org site can offer you. They are a one-stop resource where you can learn the basics and master the advanced techniques.

Blackjack.org also has a blackjack free download where you can compare real money games and bonuses from actual casinos. They will also help you plan your bankroll and earn a decent profit.

For those who are starting with almost nothing in their pockets, Blackjack.org will also help with low-stake bets and building your bankroll from small amounts.

This blog also has tools like a blackjack calculator that will help you come up with exact amounts. Take your time to read their strategies, rules, and casino reviews to prep you on your next games.

3. Blackjack Institute

Blackjack Institute covers just about any topic when it comes to playing blackjack. This well-rounded blog has reviews of blackjack variations, strategies, mini-courses, how-tos, and more.

This is a one-stop blog for those who are starting their blackjack journey or fine-tuning their skills. If you’re looking for written resources and charts to serve as your guide, Blackjack Institute has it for you.

There are tons of blogs here that will answer your questions. Each one is written comprehensively so it will be easy to understand even by newbies.

Currently, there are no available memberships in Blackjack Institute. Still, you’re going to access all the resources free of charge.

4. Blackjack Gala

Blackjack Gala is one of the trusted blackjack platforms. They are used by over a million players since 2009. In their platform, you can access tons of training resources including a free blackjack download where you can fine-tune your strategies.

If you want to play real money, Blackjack Gala also has casino recommendations for you. Aside from that, they’ve reviewed and discussed just any blackjack variations. From the classic American card game to Double Attack and Chinese Blackjack, they have it all here.

Aside from that, you’ll have enough resources for various card counting methods you want to learn. Blackjack Gala has Hi-Lo, KISS, Wong Halves, Red Seven, Omega II, and so on.

You’ll also learn about online blackjack and tournaments here. If you’re playing with live dealer sites, you can get a nice reference from this blog.

5. Blackjack The Forum

For those who want to join a blackjack forum, have a great start with the Blackjack The Forum. It’s a wide network of gamblers and blackjack players exchanging tips and thoughts about the card game.

Here, you can get the latest gambling news, new trends, and more in just one platform. They also have a live chat room where gamblers can connect directly. Some of their forums are free while others are subscription-based. Still, you can enjoy the free blackjack download among other tools.

The Blackjack The Forum is also a repository of blackjack tips and techniques, thanks to its blogs contributed by the members. You can easily sieve through the blog entries by using the site search. You’ll find just about any topic.

Aside from that, there are also dozens of tools here. There’s an edge calculator, risk calculator, interactive charts, efficiency calculator, blackjack free download, and so on.

6. Mike Aponte Blog

Do you want to learn the secrets of the MIT Blackjack Team? Start by following one of its previous members, Mike Aponte. This guy is still in the gambling world, playing and teaching the card game in his blog.

You’ll read about Mike’s first-hand experience and tried and tested techniques on his blog.

Just in case you’re not familiar with him, Mike is one of the main members of the infamous MIT Blackjack Team that raked millions of dollars from Las Vegas casinos through their card counting skills.

Aside from the free resources, you can also avail Mike’s virtual and private coaching if you’re serious about earning money from the game.

In his website, you can access videos and gambling tips that you can practically apply to your game.

Here’s Mike Aponte and how the MIT card counting works:

7. Blackjack Review

Like most blackjack blogs, the Blackjack Review is a one-stop resource for anything about blackjack. It claims to be the home of blackjack’s encyclopedia and tons of other useful information.

There’s not much on the blog aspect, but Blackjack Review excels a lot in terms of blackjack variations and calculator tools. It’s blackjack A to Z with its easy to understand definition and discussion of the terms used in the game.

Instead of blackjack free download, there are links to various games in this platform.

I recommend this site for newbie gamblers and those who are still trying to get the hang of the game. Aside from that, you can also purchase their goods including strategy charts and catalogs with free shipping. You can also buy various software with attractive discounts. The good news is they ship outside the U.S. given that you are not a high-risk customer.

Books and publications

1. Beat the Dealer by Edward Thorp

Ed Thorp was a hedge fund manager and renowned blackjack player. On his book Beat the Dealer, he detailed his card counting techniques to make you win the game. This made Ed Thorp gain the moniker ‘Godfather of Card Counting’.

Inside the book, you’ll find basic strategies, tried and tested techniques, how to spot cheating, and how to counteract the casino house edge.

There are also perforated cards inside the book which makes it easy to practice the discussed strategies.

First published in 1962, Beat the Dealer has over a million copies published and sold worldwide. It’s a great read for beginners and those who are planning to make it big in Vegas. This book has inspired a lot of great players and you might be next.

2. Playing Blackjack as a Business by Lawrence Revere

blackjack free downloadIf there’s one blackjack player lauded for his skills, it would be Lawrence Revere. He’s a gambler, former dealer, former pit boss, and surprisingly owned a casino. In his book Playing Blackjack as a Business, Lawrence aimed to teach players how to increase their bankroll and earn consistent income in their games.

Lawrence started playing blackjack at the age of 13 and his mathematics degree made his gambling pursuits more insistent. Playing Blackjack as a Business is one of the very first blackjack textbooks ever written.

Even if Lawrence Revere passed away in 1977, his legacy continues as his book inspires more and more gamblers.

If you’re planning to make blackjack gambling your full-time job, you have to read this book. It’s written by a man who not just earned a living, but established a fortune with these skills.

3. Million Dollar Blackjack by Ken Uston

The flamboyant Ken Uston was known during the 1970s as a notorious card counter who made millions by playing blackjack. Ken used to work for the San Francisco Stock Exchange until he decided to be a full-time blackjack gambler.

In his book Million Dollar Blackjack, Ken discussed an advanced technique that will help gamblers increase their winning chances.

His book is a bible for card counters. Also, Ken highlighted three important things to win big: time, money, and knowledge. If you have these three things, nothing can stop you from bringing the house down.

If you’re a total beginner, I suggest that you read some blogs first before delving into the Million Dollar Blackjack. It’s a very informative book but only for those who have some background with the game.

4. Professional Blackjack by Stanford Wong

blackjack free downloadJohn Ferguson a.k.a. Stanford Wong is a master card counter. During his years at Stanford, John wrote his first book, the Professional Blackjack. But to avoid being recognized in casinos, a friend suggested his now-famous pen name.

In his book, you’ll find strategies that are easy to understand and employ in your gambling practice. John shares some of his winning strategies and comprehensive coverage of complicated systems.

Ideal for newbies and veteran gamblers, this book is guaranteed to be a page-turner.

This book also has tips on how not to get kicked out of a casino while card counting. This and more are crucial for every gambler who wants to try their skills in an actual house. Even if you’re just starting out, you can pick some useful information here. This is best paired with a free blackjack download.

5. Theory of Blackjack by Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin is a respected blackjack expert and in his book The Theory of Blackjack, he shares some of his precious strategies. This is one of the best card counting guide books you can ever find.

In this book, you’ll have a very comprehensive discussion about various card counting methods and how it affects your winning chances.

With this, you can learn how to calculate the accuracy of your card counting, how to employ basic strategy in a variety of decks, and so on.

The book also contains betting strategies that will be helpful for both high-rollers and low-stake players. Everything is based on the exact mathematics of the game. But don’t worry, Griffin is a wonderful writer with a great sense of humor. In this book, he teaches while keeping it fun.

6. Blackbelt in Blackjack by Arnold Snyder

In his book Blackbelt in Blackjack, Arnold Snyder takes the card game as a martial arts sport. This is a gambling classic written by one of the grand masters of blackjack. With this, the book will be a precious gem for serious gamblers and those who want to make real money while gambling.

Arnold gives his personal tips and strategies on how to win, how to do team play, how to do shuffle tracking, and more. Most of all, it teaches how to camouflage your card counting skills so you won’t get caught in the casino.

In its 21 chapters, you’ll also get to know about card counting methods like Red Seven, Hi-Lo, Zen count, and so on.

7. Blackjack Attack by Don Schlesinger

A compilation of the articles he wrote for the Blackjack Forum magazine, Don Schlesinger takes an advance approach to card counting. With this, it’s better to read the book if you have a background about the card game.

In this book, you’re going to understand the mathematics behind the card game. It’s an advanced, straight to the point, and comprehensive book for the strategies that will win you real money.

From blackjack free download to must-read books, you should take the time to exhaust these resources. Reading will take you places, much so if you apply the winning strategies that you’ve read about.

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