Things You Should Know About Blackjack Basic Strategy Variations and What You Can Do To Avoid Cheating

While playing blackjack, every player has a goal of winning and beating the dealer. However, there are some blackjack basic strategy variations that may help to win the game and be able to take home the money. As we go along, we will be discussing these variations and some tips for winning.

How to play blackjack in Vegas and win it

As we know, blackjack is a famous card game being played over different parts of the globe. However, the rules of playing remain the same for most areas. There are some casinos that utilize a shoe with multiple decks. This may able to contain up to a maximum of eight decks.

On the other hand, some have shoes that automatically do the card shuffling. In this regard, one must not be able to apply the principle of card counting. Years back, this method really works in a blackjack game where there was only small count of decks. And due to modernization and birth of automatic card shuffling machine, gamblers may not depend on this old school method.

Lastly, the card counting method is generally restricted to most casinos. In case one must seen performing this during the blackjack game, he may be banned or would be arrested. Applying the right rules and proper ways on how to play blackjack in Vegas and win would be very fun and gives the player much money.

One way of making money in blackjack is through this way. Learning the blackjack basic strategy variations is the key to get closer to the win. The good thing is that these blackjack basic strategy variationsare pretty much applicable even in online blackjack games.

For some time, one must win and for some other time he may lose. However, your edge is that you’d able to walk out with the money on hand the moment you are winning. And this won’t be done by all casinos.

Blackjack Basic Rule

Basically, the blackjack table is a semi-arc table wherein the players have each seat. The dealer’s location is across all the players.Distribution of cards is in face up position, two of which are for each player. This applies to a multi-shoe blackjack game.

Moreover, the dealer also receives two cards during the game. One is facing up and the other is in a face down position. Always remember that only the dealer has the permission to touch the cards.

As a general rule, how to play blackjack in Vegas and win needs not to get the exact value of 21. However, it is to have a total card value greater than that of the dealer but not more than 21. In case you go beyond this value, it is a “bust”.

A player may call for a “hit” in case he needs to have another card. This could be done by simply tapping on the finger. Player may hit as many as he wants until he did not yet go beyond the value of 21.

In case the player is already contented with the cards in his hand, he won’t accept any cards anymore. Just a simple waving of hands over the dealer may signify this intention. Further, a dealer that has a card value of 16 or smaller needs a hit. In contrast, a stand may be taken on values of 17 or higher, but not 21.

Generally, each card has their equivalent values. The number cards has the same face value like 1,2,3,4,5 and so on. On the other hand, card with images is equal to a value of ten. And Ace card is either 1 or 11.Most of the time, you may experience having a hand without an Ace. This is called as a “Hard Hand”. In the contrary, there is also a “Soft Hand” wherein the hand contains an Ace card. However, since there are only 4 cards with an Ace in one deck, expect to always have a Hard Hand.

Blackjack Basic Strategy Variations

Since blackjack is widely spread all over many places, different charts and guides of the blackjack basic strategy variations are also available. This will definitely help the player on how to play blackjack in Vegas and win. However, memorizing it is such a hard thing to do, yet it is embarrassing as well to bring it in during the game.

1. Always take a hit for the following Hard Hand:

Card total value of 3 until 11
For these values, it is always better to take a hit no matter the value of the face up card of the dealer. Just hit until it comes to a value that you would need to stand.

Card total value of 12 up to 16
Always make a hit, but make a stand in case the face up card of the dealer has a value of 2 up to 6.

2. Always make a stand in case of the following:

Card total value of 17 up to 21
This is regardless of the value of the face up card of the dealer.

Soft Hand with combination of the following value

♦ Make a stand on a Soft Hand with the following card value combination of 8 up to 10. Do this no matter the value of the dealer’s face up card.

Rules on Splitting a Hand

♠ Cards with values of Eight, Nines and Aces should always split

Splitting the pairs is somehow a difficult challenge as blackjack basic strategy variations. Moreover, the advantages of the game do not alter that much with this strategy. However, remember that it is always a good move if you have to maintain both cards with the value of 5’s that would result to a 10 in order to draw.

Be mindful that is much better rather than to have two different hands having five-valued cards. Allotting time to memorize the ways on how to split or to make use of a technique guide card lets the player to have a better play. But then the advantage of winning for this move is just minimal.

Rules on Doubling Down

In case you want to know how to play in Vegas and win, it is good for you to know that casinos in Las Vegas permit the strategy of making a Double Down. But, the cards that the player must need to double down depend on the individual casino policy. Basically, casinos permit the cards with values of 10 and 11 in making a double down, and there are lots that allow the double down of those values in any of the hands.

The good thing about this strategy is that a player must be able to increase his bet twice the amount of the original bet. However, the player must only hit just one card in case he has a double down. For some pro, this is such a great move, but some gambling expert has a different point of view for this.

As for their advice, a double down should only be done in case the dealer has a card value of 2 up to 6 in his hands. In the event the dealer reveals a card with 5 or 6 values, the player should always take the advantage of making a double down for this. This scenario has a higher possibility that the dealer would result to a bust.

On the other hand, for some, they say the blackjack basic strategy variations of doubling down will only limit the player to a single card. But, for many, it is always better to assure eve for a minimal win than to take a risk to get a bigger one. A player may also think that a card value of 10 or 11 is nice to make a hit, but think again. That move may reduce the probability to win the game.

Rules on Insurance

This is always available for every player in the event that the dealer’s card that face-up is an Ace value. The player must have to decide to “take insurance” prior to checking of the card in a face-down position of the dealer. However, it would not affect the protection and security of the player’s original bet, but this is more applicable to claim as a side bet.

In case the dealer gets a blackjack, the player may get the bet and pays a 2:1 pay-off scheme. Meanwhile, if the dealer does not make a blackjack, the player must lose the side bet as well. In these blackjack basic strategy variations, until 50% of the player’s original bet can be use for insurance.

However, there are just minimal exceptions over here. The probability of winning using these blackjack basic strategy variations is only 9:4 that would mean the player will have to win 4 times around the 9 playing cycle. In this case, the player has to lose 5 times and it is much higher than the chance to get the win.

In the event the player wins, it pays 2:1 and the bet is being doubled. But, remember that the regular blackjack game without insurance will only pays a win of around 46% which is generally smaller compare to the 9:4. When you come to think of it, it does not help. Most often, the player may encounter that casinos will offer this bet because of a higher profit that they get out of it. It is better to ignore it anyway.

However, aside from using these blackjack basic strategy variations, there are still players that do cheat. As for them, this is the fastest and easiest way on how to play blackjack in Vegas and win. Moreover, it is always the people’s perspective to have “card counting” in mind when blackjack cheating comes in. But, you’ll have to know that counting of card is not a form of cheating in a blackjack game, that blackjack basic strategy variations is, in fact, a legal action even if it is restricted by most casinos.

The Secrets behind Card Counting

Generally, the reason why casinos don’t allow player to use the card counting method is because it is one of the blackjack basic strategy variations that greatly reduce the house advantage. However, the casinos have all the right to ban players doing this act. But, still this is not a blackjack cheating act.

Moreover, there are two objectives of in counting of cards. First is to assist the gamer in identifying the right time to place their bet. However, remember that it should depend on the count and determining the correct timing to use a particular blackjack basic strategy variations. The next one is to incorporate the different basic strategy in the correct timing.

For example, a player engages in a blackjack game with six-deck at S17 and you have a hand of 7 and 4, the face up card of the dealer has an Ace value. In the event a player utilizes the blackjack basic strategy variations, the player may not be able to engage in the above movements. Moreover, there is one player on the same table that would make a double down.

On the other hand, here are the four blackjack basic strategy variations that you may be able to utilize. Moreover, this is also called as the Fab Four.

What is Fab Four?

Unlike the Illustrous 28, Fab Four are blackjack basic strategy variations that offer assistance to gamblers in increasing their profit while surrender is being offered. Generally, this term defines the first four late surrender moves that primarily depend on the Hi-Lo system. A player may perform those moves in the event that the true count is equal to 0 or even greater. Below are the Fab Four blackjack basic strategy variations that can be utilized in blackjack games of multiple decks.

  1. A player must surrender in case the value of the hand is equivalent to 15, the face up card of the dealer is equal to 9 and the player’s true count has a value of 3.
  2. Make surrender in case the value of the player’s hand is equivalent to 15, the face up card of the dealer is equal to 10 and the value of the true count is 0.
  3. It is better to make surrender in the event that the value of the player’s hand is equal to 15, the face up card value of the dealer is equals to Ace and the value of the true count is 2 over S17 or 1 at H17.
  4. In case the hand is equal to 14, the face up card of the dealer has a value of 10. Moreover, the value of the true count is 4, better make surrender.

Blackjack Cheating

In a blackjack game, there various computer applications that guide the player in card counting. Due to this, they make their winning possible by all means. However, these methods are somehow illegal and restricted during the game.

As blackjack cheaters who always try to win blackjack in an illegal methods for them,

It is not the process of winning – it is all about the money!

Moreover, casinos are very much aware of this kind of gamblers and this kind of acts of those gamblers. That’s why most casinos strictly ask their blackjack players not to cheat in order not to destroy the fun of the game and to be out of the game or worse of the entire casino. Generally, these cheating methods are applicable in all types of card games and not only in blackjack.

Well, cheating is the most convenient method to be rich while playing this game. Blackjack is a popular game and many players want to experience the benefit from it. But, keep in mind that a player must be doing it in the most honest way of winning.

Furthermore, there exist various ways of cheating in a blackjack game. Expert blackjack cheaters do not find any difficulty in doing those ways anyway. Basically, the true blackjack cheating has lots of illegal methods. Being caught doing this during the game will put you in jail.

However, below are the following ways that players who want to cheat may use. But, you must avoid those. These ways of blackjack cheating are not recommendable. Cheating in a blackjack game at a land based casino may let a player be in a big mess against the law.

I. Marking Cards

This is one of the ways that players are using to cheat during the game. Marking cards work through the use of the fingernails to scratch cards. In the event that the scratched card appears in the later part of the blackjack game, the player who does this move may able to determine the card of dealer in the face down position. The chances of knowing the dealer’s card in this cheating method is very evident.

However, this is such a difficult move due to various decks being used in the game and that longer time will be needed to notice the scratched card. The player must also need to know that blackjack cheating only applies in a land based casino since it is very much impossible to mark a card on an online blackjack game. Card counting has also become obsolete in numerous blackjack games online. This just simply means that even if there are lots of ways to cheat in a blackjack game, still the best thing to do is to prevent doing them by all means.

II. Switching Cards

Moreover, there are expert blackjack cheaters that can be able to switch cards at hand during the time when the dealer is not observant. They just slide a card inside their sleeve as fast as they can, so that no one can notice. In addition, they can also substitute one card in their hand with the card that has been stored inside their sleeve. Generally, this is really a tough one because the trained dealers that have an observant skill, to add up numerous cameras inside the casinos.

Furthermore, this cheating method is very difficult to incorporate in the game without being noticed. Keep in mind that one of the responsibilities of the dealer is to avoid the player in making this kind of strategies. There are also some gamblers who cheat offer some kind of exchange deal to the blackjack dealer. But, there are just so few blackjack dealers that can grab this kind offer. And, preventing this is very difficult once caught. Remember, big problems await you.

III. Dealer Cheating

As discussed earlier, there are some cheaters who offer exchange deals to the dealer in order to make the game in favour of the player. However, there are also some casinos that also cheat players in the form of their dealer. Casinos can also bribe their dealers to cheat and this kind of casinos may be out of business once caught doing this act. But casinos need not to cheat because of their advantage in counting against those gamblers who do not know this kind of system. This is also similar with the online blackjack game.

Below are other cheating methods that an expert blackjack cheater used during playing the game:

  1. Spooking
  2. Use of machine devices
  3. Bending
  4. Muckling

Most of these cheating methods work manually. However one must also depend on a computer device or on the lack of awareness of the dealer. This blackjack game is usually a land based casino game or even an online casino blackjack game. However, some of the methods work manually and is somehow impossible to apply in an online blackjack game.

Furthermore, this is just a guide to inform players about this strategies and techniques. But, this doesn’t mean that a player must have to apply these methods to cheat and win without integrity. Remember, it is better to play for pleasure and fun and not just for money’s sake.

To Cheat or Not to Cheat

As many people know that to cheat may not let a player wins. So, to be able to get the win, just simply don’t cheat anyway. Integrity is more important than the money a player might be getting once cheat in a casino. However, a pro blackjack player might more likely please to win using his own skills in a blackjack game. Winning the game with integrity and enjoyment is far more better than to get the money out of those illegal ways.

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