12 Mistakes that Sabotage Your Blackjack Strategy

The game of blackjack is not a simple table game that you just stare on and then by mere luck you instantly win. You really need to utilize gambling skills in order for you to be on top of the table. Along with those skills, a player needs to make a concrete decision that is basically derived from the best blackjack strategy.

In times when the player already has the knowledge and ideas on developing the best blackjack strategy, it’s time for him to learn ways on how to earn a winning. On the contrary, there are various ways to destruct those ways to succeed. As we go along, we will be touching the strategies behind blackjack as well as those ways that can destruct those strategies.

Definition of Basic Blackjack Strategy

The basic strategy in blackjack simply means the most favourable way of playing blackjack. Utilising possibilities by statistical means is one way of computing the greatest move based on the cards of both the player and the dealer. Generally, the blackjack strategy has an ultimate goal which is to succeed many times during the game.

Moreover, the player also looks to increase his earnings or to decrease the losing possibilities. Further, in some situations, it let the player lower the anticipated misses. Meanwhile, keep in mind that all blackjack variations always have a little bit of favour of the house. But, by stringent adherence to blackjack strategy, a noticeable decrease in that house advantage will take place.

The Danger of Blackjack Strategy

In using the blackjack strategy it creates a 99.63% money back to the player in the situation that he’s playing at the umbrella of the standard rules. That percentage is the maximum money back in a casino. On the contrary, as the money back to the player is at its greatest value, the deviation in blackjack is in a minimum amount. More so, the maximum allowable payout in a single hand is restricted only to 3 is to 2 ratios.

But, you must keep in mind that the blackjack strategy is not an assurance for a player to earn hard money. Moreover, the money back to players still remains below 100%, even if all the techniques are strictly followed. But, it is still vital that players maintain doing it, even if outcomes are not in favour of the player’s side.

It is observed that those players who gamble with the knowledge of basic blackjack strategy always defeat those players with decisions that generally depend on their urge. One more thing that players should alter their mentality is the idea that it is only during the first card where blackjack strategy is implemented. This is not true because, in every hand, blackjack strategy is used.

12 Ways to Sabotage Your Winning

Moreover, it is very difficult to win over the house without even destructing your possibilities of winning the game. But, there are gambling players that usually utilize these dangerous ways to make it more difficult to succeed in the game. Further, some of these ways may be helpful for some time. Sounds ironic but it’s true.

1. Don’t Utilize Any Gaming Tactics

The system used in all of the gambling games to maintain the house advantage in a minimum level is called as the gaming tactic or the strategy. However, tactics may vary depending on the games that players play. There are casino games that need an easy strategy while some utilize a complex one. Away like this contributes to your losing moment in a quicker way than the norm.

Example of casino games that need an easy strategy:

  • Baccarat
  • Craps
  • Poker

Casino games that don’t require a strategy:

  • Slot Games
  • Roulette
  • Keno
  • Bingo

Games in the casino that need a complex strategy:

  • Blackjack
  • Video Poker
  • Sports Betting

Knowing for games that offer a minimum house advantage is not sufficient for you to win. What is the most crucial thing to do when a player gambles are to play it by the rules to maintain its low advantage.

2. Gamble Over the Incorrect Games

Wherever a player goes, all casinos offer games that need to have a house advantage. However, advantages over the house depend on the games the player wants to gamble. A player may find it hard to win over those games that offer a large advantage compared to those minimum house advantage casino games.

Casino games that utilize a minimum house advantage need the correct strategy, even if the strategy that the player should make is just as simple as knowing the amount of bet to put on. Moreover, those games that have a high advantage over the house are the one which is played in a simple way just like reading your ABC. For example, the roulette, the slot games, and even the keno all have plain and straightforward playing instructions and thus, the strategy is not a requirement to play these games. Further, these games have a high house advantage.

3. Create an Inadequate Betting Options

In case a player search for a game that caters a minimum house advantage, he still requires to do the betting in the best possible way, even if he knows the appropriate strategy to do. Playing blackjack, a player must put his bet according to on the best blackjack strategy. This strategy will help player decides the right time to make a stand, do the hit, go for a double or even split cards.

4. Not Involving Yourself in any Player’s Organization

Being a member of any player’s organisation gives lots of privileges. One of these is getting rewards from the casino where you regularly play. These rewards include a free meal, room accommodations, or special promo and discounts.

5. Get a Load of Substandard Advice

There are different people who walk in or out of the casinos 24/7. Most of them like to cater insights on the proper way the game is played. But, not all of them know about the things they utter.

Try to study every insight about the game and the best blackjack strategy that you must use with the best of your knowledge. Better to utilize the blackjack strategy that you know. And as much as possible disregard any recommendation from others.

6. Depend on Pure Luck

Most blackjack players and almost every gambler know that blackjack is game that utilizes mathematical possibilities. In case of games like this, expect a result that is also on a mathematical point of view. Meaning, fortune should not be the basis of gambling.

To win the game, a player may think that he’s lucky enough to take home the hard money. But, on the other hand, when a player misses the game, the luck is not on his side. The fact is, relying on your fortune when playing is not a good gambling tactic.

Just always keep in mind that there is no such word as luck in gambling. On the other hand, it is always the number that rules. So, math over fortune wins.

7. No Appropriate System for Controlling Money

This system of controlling money pertains to the player’s bankroll with a sufficient amount of money. This is to manage the deviations on a short term basis. It is also to maintain the player’s money in order not to miss greater than what is expected.

Moreover, the player’s money needs to be in sufficient amount during times when they gamble and face this deviation. In case the player is in a blackjack game and utilize the best blackjack strategy together with engaging in a game that has excellent policies, the player can gamble with a house advantage for a long period. However, in a short period, the outcome may depend.

Almost all of the casino games have rounds where a player succeeds and rounds where he misses it. Most of the time, players contribute to getting a high amount of your money more than they allow you to succeed in the game. In this case, the bankroll most of the time continuously decreases. More so, you are required to put extra money to maintain your playing status.

In addition, also set limitations for the amount that you expect to miss out all throughout the game. Think prior to engaging yourself in playing the possible highest amount that you are ready to miss. End your playing session in the event that reaches your restriction.

However, setting a restriction for winning is a bright choice. End up gambling once you are at the peak of your winning limitations. This way, you may finish the game as a winner.

The restrictions you set must be based on the amount of money that you will play during the game and the amount of money that you are ready to miss out. But, remember, your winning restrictions are generally minimal compared to the restrictions you establish for losing. Moreover, you can still establish your restrictions anytime to your extent.

In addition, during the entire game, you’ll actually reach the limits of losing most of the time versus reaching the restrictions for winning. Nevertheless, your experience to get a win just in a moment.

And over time you’ll probably hit the loss limit more often than you hit the win limit, but at least you’ll leave with a win sometimes. A system like this is an acceptable system somehow, more likely if you wish to get the winnings most of the time compare to your losing moment. However, this is only applicable to a short gaming period.

8. Gamble Quickly

The speed of playing doesn’t have a great impact on your winning chances. However, it creates your missing moment in a quicker way in the event you gamble quickly. Also, remember that there are blackjack games that operate in an established speed based on the status of the table.

Moreover, there are other games that work based on your own speed. Remember, playing at a slow speed produces an extended playing period having the same money bank versus gambling at a fast speed. This may leave an impact on your winning possibilities on a specific gambling period.

Also, keep in mind that every game in the casino aims to get money from you. However, in case you tend to study at an early stage, many things may occur in a short period of time. In lots of times that you play the games, you shut out. But, as you play on you finish missing all your earnings.

In the event you play at reduced speed, you have a greater possibility to be a winner. The long time period of winning and missing possibilities remains unchanged. However, gambling in a low speed prolonged your money life which allows you to gamble longer.

9. Don’t Workout

Playing with the use of the best blackjack strategy also requires a physically fit body. Gambling without having a healthy body may lead to situations that trigger you to commit errors. And engaging in a regular exercise is the greatest way to give your body a healthy stature.

Keep in mind that exercising makes you stay in the mood. It also helps you to have a clear mind. This way it supports you to decrease the mistakes that you might commit.

10. Eat an Unhealthy Diet

Along with exercise, you also need to eat healthy and nutritious foods to prevent you from having any health issues. Not eating healthy creates a slow-moving mind and body. This way, you may feel tired easily and be able to commit more gambling errors.

11. Too Much Alcohol Intake

Drinking alcohol at a higher level can bring you to come up with a not-so-good decision. Most of the players found enjoyment when they have alcohol at their table while they play blackjack. However, too much consumption of it may trigger us to commit many errors and missing lots of money compared to losing it in the game in the situation when you are not drunk.

Also, you have to remember that too much alcohol intake belongs to top destructive ways of hitting the winner. However, casinos do not prohibit players from drinking while playing. But, it is better to be aware of the amount of alcohol you consume. You must decide to end playing or end your alcohol consumption in case many mistakes already occur.

12. Run After Those Misses

Running after that money that you miss in the game is a bad habit that players keep on improving over time. Generally, players tend to increase their bets twice larger than their initial bets after they miss out. This is a way for them to cling on their hope of winning sufficient money to wrap all their losses.

It is not a brilliant idea to run after your misses any time you want. Just keep on playing a low house advantage game and as much as possible attempt to utilise the best blackjack strategy. You may still miss but it is a fair and just a bit of lost by maintaining the bet level.


Sabotaging your ways to earn hard money can help to improve your time of playing. More so, learning these ways it may help you to make you a winner.

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